3 Benefits of Installing Casement Replacement Windows in Your Long Island Home

Long Island Casement Replacement Window BenefitsPeople often ask us how replacement window and patio door styles impact energy-savings and how to choose the best-fit styles for different rooms in their Long Island homes. This week we’d like to talk about one of the most popular, and most energy-efficient window styles in our portfolio – the casement window.

Any modern, insulated window offers superior energy efficiency to outdated single-pane windows. Double-paned windows manufactured with advanced technology and materials give homeowners ample opportunities to improve the comfort in their homes and reduce their heating and air conditioning bills substantially as compared to single-pane window units that don’t effectively block air infiltration or efficiently manage heat transfer.

Are Casement Replacement Windows Right for Your Long Island Home?

There is no question that aging, single-pane windows should be replaced if you want to prevent drafts and improve performance. Below are just three of the myriad benefits of installing casement windows to replace existing single-pane windows.

  1. Superior protection against the elements. Casement windows have the highest energy-efficiency rating of any operable window. A single, easy-grasp operational lever locks windows at multiple points, ensuring a secure seal that prevents air and moisture from leaking into, or out of, the home. The design eliminates long-term wear caused by sliding sash against weather-stripping components during daily use of other styles.
  2. Cleaning is almost as easy as capturing a pleasant breeze. Modern technology enables homeowners to install large casement windows for maximum ventilation. The design, which features side hinges and cranks outward, literally draws in the air when fully opened. The same feature allows you to clean both exterior and interior surfaces from the inside of your home, unless your window is so large your arms won’t reach all the corners.
  3. Insulated for Energy Efficiency. Modern casement windows constructed with multiple panes use spacers and gas (primarily argon gas between the panels) to add another layer of insulation that keeps warm air from escaping your home during winter months, while potentially enabling you to maximize solar heat gain, depending on the type of low-E, Energy Star certified glass you choose.

Other Key Design Benefits of Casement Replacement Windows
Along with capturing the breeze and improving energy-efficiency, casement replacement windows are some of the most versatile windows on the market. Whether you have a Colonial, a Cape Cod cottage or a Contemporary Long Island home, you’ll enjoy heightened security and ample opportunities to customize your curb appeal.

  • This style is fully compatible with bay or bow window configurations and is beautiful as a primary window or installed with a fixed window for ventilation.
  • Casement Windows are visually appealing with or without grilles.
  • You can crank the window open slightly or open it wide, depending on how much airflow you need or want at the moment.
  • Installed over counters, casement windows are easier to operate than styles with sash that move up and down.
  • While older single-pane windows are typically constructed with wood or vinyl, modern options have improved framing material, like Fibrex, that enhances functionality, reduces maintenance and improves interior climate control.

In a nutshell, replacement casement windows are an excellent choice for almost any architectural style and virtually every room in your home. Over the kitchen sink, in a formal entrance, as a primary window unit in the bedroom or mulled over a picture window in the den, casement windows can help you improve air circulation and expand opportunities to bring in more natural light, without worrying about conditioned air escaping unchecked.

The casement window style enables home owners to create truly unique focal points and can be installed side by side and embellished with traditional grille patterns to almost perfectly mimic the look of authentic French-hinged doors when open or closed. Talk to your replacement window representative about alternative configurations if you are considering non-traditional installation options.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Casement Replacement Window Solutions

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