3 Common Vinyl Window Issues

Vinyl is one of the most common window materials. Besides being long-lasting and low maintenance, it is also one of the most cost-effective home window replacement options available. When it comes to vinyl windows, you need to understand that most of the window’s issues are related to the material. It’s best to learn the common issues of vinyl windows so that you can properly treat them before they cause more structural damage. 

Vinyl Window Issues

1. Stripped Cranks

It is necessary to tighten the crank handle on your awning or casement window for the sash to be brought closer to the frame to produce an airtight seal. Leave enough room so that the multi-point locking mechanism can operate without exerting excessive force, which will almost certainly result in stripped cranks if not done correctly. 

2. Glass Failure

Pressure cracks, which form when temperatures suddenly shift, are a common symptom of glass failure. Vinyl enables for gradual and consistent expansion and contraction. It frequently does not give the glass enough time to acclimatize, resulting in cracks. Another issue to think about is sealing failure. It occurs when argon gas inside the glass escapes, causing condensation. These elements lower the efficiency of your vinyl windows. Consult a window installer about replacing the faulty glass with a more energy-efficient and high-performing unit. 

3. Loss of Glass Area

When you replace an old, drafty window with vinyl material, you may find that you have less viewing space. This is because vinyl replacement windows are frequently measured within the frame of existing windows. This means that your existing window will not be completely removed. When installing windows, it is critical to follow correct installation procedures to maintain an energy-efficient home.

Fibrex® Is the Smart Solution

Fibrex® windows have become a popular replacement for damaged and ineffective vinyl windows. Fibrex is a superior window frame material for various reasons. They offer better insulating capabilities and thinner frames, giving you a better view of your lovely garden landscaping. Get your Fibrex windows and replacement French patio doors from Renewal by Andersen® Midwest. Call us at (866) 997-8537, or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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