3 Most Ideal Window Styles for Your Kitchen

People naturally gravitate towards the kitchen. After all, this particular space has always been considered the heart of the home, where food and companionship can be found in abundance, and where good memories are often created. Given its role as the hub of your home, the kitchen should always evoke comfort, function and flair. You can ensure this by using the right window styles. Here, we talk about which window styles are perfect for your kitchen space: 

1. Sliding Windows

Windows are usually installed over the sink and countertops to serve as a focal point and provide the user with a nice outdoor view. There’s just one slight issue: the placement of these windows requires you to reach over to them, making them a bit difficult to operate. This should no longer be a problem if you pick the right window style. In the area over the sink and countertops, sliding windows are the most ideal choice. Opening and closing sliding windows take little time and effort. Just push them slightly to the side and they’ll glide smoothly along their tracks.

If their tracks are clean and the windows are well-maintained, you can even open them with just one finger. No matter how short you are or how deep your sink and countertops are, you can always count on sliding windows for ease of operation. This makes them especially useful for those who have difficulty with fine motor skills. Looks-wise, sliding windows slightly resemble picture windows because of their slim framing and expansive glass. This allows them to give your home’s kitchen a sleek and contemporary look. If your kitchen is connected to the patio or deck, you can pair these windows with sliding doors for design consistency.

2. Casement Windows

All the cooking, washing and clean up you do in the kitchen can generate a considerable amount of indoor moisture. This not only makes the space feel muggy and uncomfortable, but also encourages mold growth and mildew. To prevent these, you’ll need to choose a window style that can promote smooth and continuous air circulation. This is where casement windows come into play. These windows have hinges on the side that lets you swing them out, creating a wide opening that allows warm, moisture-laden air to escape from your kitchen while letting in fresh, cooling breezes.

By getting rid of excess moisture, casement windows can help create a cool, comfortable and, most importantly, mold-free kitchen. The increased access to natural ventilation also helps remove any lingering food and cleaning odors, allowing for a fresher, clean-smelling space. But do casement windows contribute to your kitchen’s overall design? They definitely can – these windows offer a neat and classic look that makes them blend seamlessly and beautifully with traditional kitchens. You can also pair them with hinged French patio doors to better capitalize on their vintage design.

3. Bay Windows

You usually see them in Queen Anne homes, but there’s no stopping you from incorporating bay windows into your kitchen. Bay windows are a combination of three windows that protrude slightly from an exterior wall, creating an angular shape. Their unique design allows for a deep sill area that you can use as a cozy breakfast nook. All you need to do is position a few comfortable chairs and a table next to them.

Bay windows consist of a fixed central window that’s flanked on both sides by operable ones, such as a casement or double-hung window. Their shape allows natural light to stream through the windows and into your kitchen from different angles. Aside from creating a bright, more cheerful-looking space, bay windows can also reduce your reliance on artificial lighting during the daytime, helping keep your energy costs to a minimum. But keep in mind that, because of their unconventional design, bay windows aren’t as easy or fast to install as other window styles. Make sure to consult a trusted window company like Renewal by Andersen® of Nashville if you plan on adding bay windows to your kitchen.

Other Things to Consider When Picking Kitchen Windows

While style is important when choosing kitchen windows for your home, you should also never overlook framing material and glass. After all, you’ll want your kitchen windows to be tough and energy-efficient as well. Vinyl and wood are the usual favorites for window framing material, but there’s one alternative that’s actually proven better. 

Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are made of Fibrex® composite, which offers the strength and insulating value of wood along with the low-maintenance properties of vinyl. This allows for kitchen windows that are impervious to rot and corrosion as well as warping, chipping and cracking. Fibrex also keeps an airtight seal that prevents significant energy loss. When paired with our advanced High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, our Fibrex windows can ensure unrivaled thermal comfort and energy efficiency no matter the season. We use the same hi-tech glass for our replacement doors, too.

And how can we forget window customization? Renewal by Andersen of Nashville offers plenty of opportunities for it. Our casement, sliding, bay and all our other windows can be personalized in your choice of interior-exterior color combinations, grille patterns and hardware finishes. We’ll make it easy for you to design kitchen windows that are truly one-of-a-kind. We believe in assisting our clients from start to finish – from the initial phone call to the final cleanup. Schedule a consultation now!

Get Started on Your Window Upgrade

Aside from stylish and functional sliding doors, Renewal by Andersen of Nashville also offers the highest quality replacement windows available today. Let our skilled and experienced team help you elevate the look and feel of your kitchen with our superior options. Call us today at (866) 609-5033, or fill out this contact form to schedule a window consultation. We proudly serve Nashville, TN, and other areas in the Southeastern U.S. If you’re ready to improve your windows, don’t wait. We look forward to assist you with your needs! Contact us today to get started!

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