3 Things Every Replacement Window Shopper Should Consider About Grilles  

So, you’re thinking about installing Renewal by Andersen replacement windows in your Long Island home and you aren’t sure if you want “plain” windows, or something with a bit more visual interest.

Below we’ve listed three things you should consider before adding grilles to your new fixtures.

1. Replacement Window Grilles: Capturing Your View, Your Way

Until the middle of the 19th century, windows were typically either very small, or constructed with many smaller glass panels joined with mullions or sash strips to create a larger window. Grilles – that’s what most replacement window manufacturers call the strips today – were functional, more than fashionable.

Today, modern glass manufacturing technology allows homeowners to enjoy a crystal clear window wall of glass, and double- and single-hung windows without combining multiple panes. The price of glass in previous eras was prohibitive, so only the upper echelon could afford windows. Today, virtually every home on Long Island is furnished with windows in every room and even the garage but you will only see real “original” multi-pane windows in historic homes and neighborhoods.

To re-create the look of period “divided lite” windows, window manufacturers use optional window grilles. The archaic construction techniques that required divided lite windows reduce their energy-efficiency, but since we can make large sheets of glass economically today, homeowners can get an unobstructed view of the world behind their easy chair if they want. Of course, there are some situations where adding grilles are preferable. For example, if you’re renovating a historic home and want to capture the original appearance without compromising energy-efficiency, grilles provide an excellent solution. Maintaining an architectural style is another reason to consider grilles. Colonial and Cape Code houses – which both appeared at a time when divided light windows were the only option around – look “unfinished” without the symmetrical multi-pane windows.

The good news is that today you can frame your view based on your own personal preferences and budget, whether you want to mimic a historic style or you want to create a unique focal point that draws attention to special architectural elements.

2. Different Style Preferences, Different Window Grille Patterns

With only a few exceptions – such as living in a covenanted community or a historic district with strict rules about maintaining architectural style integrity – homeowners can choose whichever grille patterns they like best, or skip the mullions all together based on personal preferences. If you’re considering updating your Long Island home with new windows, check with the local building code office to find out if your neighborhood has any restrictions before designing your modern replacement windows. Then, spend an afternoon driving around your neighborhood to see what kind of window embellishments are most common in homes similar to yours.

Here in the northeast, you’ll probably find variations on the following five distinct pattern options:

  • colonial window grilleColonial: Traditional styles are constructed with a six-over-six grille pattern, which means the upper and lower sash each look like they are built with six, equal-sized individual panes. You can choose the number of panes in each sash or fixed window, so you could make it appear as though your overall unit is made with six, eight or twelve individual panes.
  • prairie window grillePrairie: The prairie style has two vertical and two horizontal grilles placed near the perimeter which form small squares in the corners and a large center area free from obstructions. With this pattern you have some interesting detailing, while still allowing full view of the outdoors.
  • farmhouse window grilleFarmhouse: A farmhouse layout provides an even larger viewing area proportionate to the prairie style. Two vertical strips on the upper (or lower, if you prefer) sash create three equally sized “panes.” The other sash is left unadorned.
  • modified prairie window grilleModified Prairie: Like the traditional prairie style, the modified prairie layout uses strip placement to create small squares in each corner. However, the horizontal strips closest to the center of the window unit are omitted, created a pattern that covers both sash, or the entire glass on a fixed window.
  • custom window grillesCustomized: Other patterns, such as the starburst and fan designs, are perfect options for geometric shapes and special areas where you want something totally unique. You’ll typically find custom patterns in half-circle windows installed above doors or arched casement windows. Feel free to bring your own drawings or sketches with you when you meet with a window consultant in our showroom and we will try to help you achieve the exact vision you have in mind.

3. What Kind Of Window Grille Is Right For Your Long Island Home’s Windows?

Choosing a pattern is only part of the process when selecting grilles for your home’s windows. How the grilles attach or are integrated into the window, provide other choices to customize your window grilles. There are three main types of grille options available. You may opt for removable interiors only, between-the-glass window grilles that sit between the two glass panels in high-performance energy-efficient windows, or full divided lite grills with exterior and interior grilles. Learn more about each individual type of grille by downloading our eBook that covers everything you need to know about the replacement window journey.

window grille types

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Check out this post for more information on window grids / window grilles.

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