3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Patio Doors

Your home’s patio doors may seem like a small feature in the grand scheme of your house, but they play a big role in the summer when members of your household may use them throughout the day. Whether you’re grilling outside, gardening in the back yard, or spending time sunbathing on your deck, your patio doors are front and center for the day’s activities.

Patio doors that are older can have many problems. From drafts to cosmetic problems to wear and tear, older patio doors can cost you money, affect the appearance of your home and be difficult to operate. Not sure whether it’s time to replace your patio doors? Below we’ve outlined three signs that your patio doors need replacement.

#1. Poor Functionality Makes Old Patio Doors a Pain to Use

Old doors have a way of breaking, often in multiple ways at once. Older sliding patio doors hardware can wear out and the doors can become warped over time, causing them to stick or jump the track when they’re opened and closed. Doors that open and close on hinges may become energy inefficient or drafty, and like sliding doors, may become hard to use.

You’ll notice an instant difference when you replace your patio doors with Renewal by Andersen® Narroline® sliding patio doors feature a stainable natural pine interior. Renewal by Andersen® Perma-Shield® sliding patio doors have a low-maintenance, rigid vinyl surface that protects the sturdy, engineered wood core. The frame of the sliding French patio door is covered with a rigid vinyl sheath for an attractive appearance with minimal maintenance. You’ll feel no drafts and your home will stay more comfortable throughout the year. It also goes without saying that Renewal by Andersen patio doors also work flawlessly.

#2. Old Patio Doors Ruin Your Home’s Aesthetics

As patio doors age, they can start to look dirty, chipped, scratched and just old. These aesthetic challenges can negatively impact your home’s appearance. Staging is important if you’re entertaining or selling your home. Even if you’re not selling, poorly operating doors can still take their toll on the ambiance in your home, leaving you feeling like something needs to be done.

Renewal by Andersen’s patio doors are designed to look as good as they function. They come in a range of colors and finishes to match your environment at home. You’ll love the way they look from the minute they’re installed.

#3. Old Patio Doors Can Need Expensive Repairs

Sometimes repairing an old patio door is nearly as costly as buying a new one, and often the results of making a repair are not as attractive as buying a new door. While it’s sensible to make small repairs as needed, major repairs like replacing the door’s frame may not be worthwhile, especially if you live near a window contractor that can easily replace your door with a stylish model made from long-lasting materials.

At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, our patio doors that come in a range of styles, including big door styles, sliding styles, and of course, hinged models like French doors.

Dress Up Your Home with New Patio Doors Today

Are you ready to buy new patio doors? Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro is your provider of top-quality, award-winning patio doors and window products. Our patio doors are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Hire a company that performs sales, installation and provides customers with a warranty. Send us a secure online message or call us at (866) 609-5033 to schedule an appointment.

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