3 Signs You Need Replacement Windows for Your Home

Depending on their quality, construction and material type, your home’s windows can last a few decades. When they reach the end of their service life, they start to exhibit signs of failure. These signs are an alert that it’s time to start budgeting and preparing to replace your windows. Here are three signs your windows may need replacement.

#1. Your Home’s Windows Leak Air or Water

Windows can leak in one of two ways: either by allowing water and air into your home, creating drafts that waste heating and cooling energy as well as make you uncomfortable. Windows that don’t seal properly and allow rain water into your house can cause structural damage to your home. They also make an inconvenient mess. Sometimes this happens because of an improper fit, other times because they need repair. One or two leaking windows may be able to be fixed, but if you’re facing many leaky windows, you could be facing ongoing problems with mold and mildew.

Drafty windows make interior climate control nearly impossible, leading to wear and tear on your HVAC system, discomfort throughout the year and high utility bills. Sealing and caulking your windows can sometimes help, but if your home has older vinyl or wooden windows, you could be fighting a losing battle.

#2. You Struggle to Open & Close Your Windows

You could almost throw out your back trying to open a stubborn older window, but if the design of the window itself is preventing smooth and seamless operation, there may not be much you can do about it. Replacing your windows with a quality product designed for ease of use will enable you to open and close your windows more easily.

Being able to open and close your windows easily is important. Inability to easily open windows can lead to strange smells in your home and may even be a safety hazard. When you install new windows, you’ll be able to shop around for a product that you can use and clean easily.

#3. Condensation Is Building Up Between Window Panes

Dual pane windows are designed to be vacuum-sealed to prevent air flow between panes. Some windows have gas in the space between panes, others have only air. Either way, when the seal breaks, the space between the panes can collect moisture, causing the glass to fog up. This is a common problem with vinyl framed windows, which can sag and warp over time.

Once this happens, the glass needs professional repair. If this has happened to several windows in your home, chances are, you’ll keep having this problem until they’re replaced.

Modern good quality windows have a long-lasting seal that can stay functional for decades. Renewal by Andersen window frames are made from Fibrex, a composite material made from wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer. They’re far stronger, longer-lasting and more durable than the windows installed in your home decades ago. They’re designed to last.

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