3 Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Windows

Picking the perfect bathroom windows can be a bit tricky. On one hand, you want a window that provides lots of ventilation, while on the other, you want to maintain privacy. You may also want to maximize the amount of natural light you receive especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side. Local window replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey shares three important things to keep in mind when shopping around for bathroom windows.

 Choosing Bathroom Windows

1. Window Size

As with most rooms, the easiest way to make it seem bigger is to let in more natural light. If your space allows, you will want to install multiple windows in your bathroom. However, the more windows you have, the harder it will be to keep your bathroom private from the outside. This is why you also have to think about the type of windows you will get as well as their placement.

2. Window Type

The type of windows you should get is important for two reasons: aesthetics and functionality. Bathrooms can get pretty humid, so you’ll want a style that is easy to operate for you to easily air out the whole space. Take note that not all bathroom windows have to be operable, which is why you may consider mixing and matching different styles.

3. Window Placement

Deciding where to place your windows can do a lot for the privacy of your bathroom. To be sure, you don’t want large windows right in front of your toilet. A wide, narrow window placed at the top of the room will afford more privacy than those installed at a lower height.

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