3 Ways to Prevent Frozen Windows During Winter

Have you ever tried opening your windows during the cold season only to find they’re frozen shut? While it seems like a small thing, an inoperable window is actually a safety hazard, and when overlooked, the freezing itself can cause damage to the units. But the good news is that this issue is entirely avoidable. 

Prevent Frozen Windows

  1. Control indoor moisture levels. Cooking, showering and washing the dishes generate a considerable amount of moisture in the air. The increased humidity leaves condensation to accumulate and freeze on the surface of your windows due to the cold outdoor temperatures. You can avoid this by controlling your home’s humidity levels. This means running the exhaust vents in the bath and kitchen, making sure no hot or boiling water is left on the stove, and bundling up so you can keep your interior thermostat down.

  1. Treat with de-icer. Doing so melts the ice from along the window opening, stopping them from freezing shut. While this offers immediate results, it also doesn’t last very long. 

  1. Seal any gaps around the windows. Applying weatherstripping or caulking might do the trick, but only for now. If your windows are already old and failing, keeping them from freezing becomes an exercise in futility.  You should upgrade to energy-efficient replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen® Midwest. 

Thanks to our Fibrex® composite framing material, your windows will keep a durable and airtight seal that prevents condensation from building up and freezing on and between the window panes. Their thermal performance also allows for a more consistent and comfortable indoor environment. With Renewal by Andersen windows in place, keeping a safer and cozier home this winter is simple and worry-free.

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