3 Window Privacy Ideas in Michigan



Windows serve a few important purposes in your Michigan home. They bathe your spaces in natural sunlight, and they also let in plenty of fresh air. There are bound to be times when you enjoy gazing out your windows and admiring the landscape outdoors. On the other hand, windows can present a challenge when it comes to maintaining your privacy. This is especially the case in bathrooms and bedrooms. You don’t want a home without windows, so how do you balance the benefits of windows with your need for privacy? Here are a few options.

Smaller Windows

This strategy works really well in bathrooms. Instead of choosing large, floor-to-ceiling hung windows or casement windows like you have throughout the rest of your home, consider choosing smaller windows placed at about eye level on your wall. The windows will still let in sunlight, but if someone looks in from the outdoors, all they will see is your face.

There are several styles of small windows that work well in rooms where you want more privacy. Awning windows, which are hung on hinges and open like an awning when you turn a crank, are a good choice if you want the option of opening the window for some ventilation. Small shape windows, such as circular or half-circle windows, can add some unique style to your home and look lovely when mounted at eye level. However, they don’t always open, so you may want to pair them with another style of window that does open if you want the option to ventilate.

Etched Glass

Another option — which works well in bedrooms or in the bathroom if you’re really set on larger windows — is to choose etched glass. This glass is slightly clouded, sometimes in a beautiful pattern. As a result, it still lets light in, and you can certainly still open the window for some fresh air. However, any image a person is able to see through the etched glass window will be very obscured. The pattern on the glass can add an extra layer of beauty to your room, too. Choose a floral, flowing pattern for a more traditional Michigan home, or a more geometric pattern for a modern look.

Sheer Drapes

Sheer drapes are an under-utilized window treatment option. They allow you to enjoy privacy while still letting in some sunlight, even when closed. You could layer a pair of white, sheer drapes under thicker drapes so you can just close the sheer curtains when you want a little privacy without complete sun blockage. When you do want to block the sunlight, you can close the thicker drapes, too. And although many sheer drapes are white, you can certainly find them in other colors if you’d like to add a brighter vibe to your space. Yellow sheer curtains would look stunning with green window frames and thicker tan drapes!

Windows can let in sunlight and air without compromising your privacy. The best thing is that you can use one, two, or even all three of the ideas above at the same time in order to keep others from seeing into your bathroom or bedroom. To learn more about replacement window options for your Michigan home, contact Renewal by Andersen. We offer free, in-home consultations, and our technicians always take into account your unique needs and preferences when making recommendations.

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