4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Access to Natural Light

Even the most expensive or high-tech light fixtures can’t replicate the warm and cheerful vibe offered by natural light. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to bring more natural light into your home. The premier windows and doors company in the area, Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta, shares some of them here. 

Tips to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

1. Consider adding a skylight. You can make the most of your home’s vaulted ceilings by having a skylight or two installed in them. A skylight provides an easy and convenient way to illuminate a room naturally – especially if the given room has no windows or has no more space for extra ones.

2. Trim back any foliage close to your windows. Trees and tall shrubbery can offer your home some much-needed shade and privacy. But if your goal is to increase access to natural light, then you’ll want to have the encroaching greenery trimmed back. This not only allows more sunlight to stream into your home but also prevents damage to your windows and home exterior during a windstorm.

3. Keep your windows clean. The grime and smudges on your windows don’t allow for a pleasant and well-lit living space. Try to deep clean your windows fairly regularly to improve your home’s access to natural light.

4. Have better windows installed. If you have the space and budget for them, you should consider replacing your old and failing windows with newer, better ones. And because the goal is to bring in more natural light, make sure to check out the high-quality picture and sliding windows offered by Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta. Their slim frames and expansive glass not only maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home, but they also provide you with a lovely and extended view of the outdoors. Renewal by Andersen® windows come with advanced High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, which allows plenty of natural light into your home, but without the glare and excess heat.

How Increased Natural Light Benefits You

Bringing more natural light into your home through windows can help you in these ways: 

  • It creates a cheerful and more spacious mood to your living space.
  • It allows you to naturally illuminate your home in the daytime. You can save a bit on utility bills because you won’t have to rely as much on artificial lighting.
  • Natural light makes notable improvements on your physical and mental well-being. Exposure to natural light, in fact, encourages better sleep patterns, increases productivity and just overall improves your mood.

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