4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Windows

Seeing as your bathroom is small in comparison to other rooms in your home, you want its windows to let in as much natural light as possible. However, having a private area where you can carry out personal hygiene and grooming without being visible to anyone outside your home can be difficult. The good news is that you can attain natural lighting and privacy for your bathroom with careful planning. 

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Windows

Let’s take a look at the four crucial factors to consider when selecting bathroom windows.

1. Size. The amount of light that enters your bathroom is determined by the size of the window. A large, tall window will readily increase daylighting and offer the space more enhanced levels of light. The bathroom will appear larger and brighter as a result.

2. Style. The style of your windows has a significant impact on the functionality and visual appeal of your home. Seeing as bathrooms are frequently hot and humid due to showers, window replacement experts recommend installing an operable window, such as a casement or sliding window. This allows for increased airflow in the room, which helps to minimize the harmful effects of moisture such as rot and mold.

3. Placement. To create extra privacy, most bathroom windows are set high up the wall, above head height. Consider equipping the glazing with textured or frosted glass as well. It might obscure the view of your bathroom from the outside, but it does provide ample amounts of lighting and ventilation that your space needs.

4. Energy Performance. Always consider the energy efficiency of your bathroom window, regardless of its type, size or placement. Choosing a window with no insulation just for the sake of saving money is a bad decision, as the lack of insulation can raise energy bills and reduce indoor comfort. To prevent heat transfer, make sure to choose windows with low-E glass.

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