4 Grille Patterns for Double-Hung Windows

Window grilles are more than just decorative components. The right grille pattern can take a classic window style like a double-hung window and fit it seamlessly with the rest of a Tennessee home. Read on as window replacement expert Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville shares an overview of the different grille patterns that we offer.

4 Grille Patterns for Double-Hung Windows

1. Colonial Grilles

The Colonial pattern is the most popular grille style today. It takes its cue from traditional Colonial and Cape Cod architecture. This easily recognizable style features grilles that divide the sash into 4-6 symmetrically arranged parts called lights. Whereas traditional windows feature individual glass panels separated by grilles, their modern counterparts feature one large dual-panel glass. Renewal by Andersen offers the option to have the grilles installed on or between the glass panels.

2. Farmhouse Grilles

The Farmhouse style evokes high-ceilinged structures, with grilles installed on the top half of the window. In double-hung windows, the lower sash is left clear, while the upper half is vertically divided into two or three equal-sized lights.

3. Prairie Grilles

Prairie grilles take their cue from traditional Prairie architecture. On single-sash window styles like casement windows, asymmetrically-arranged grilles divide the glass into nine lights, with the outer eight forming a frame around the large middle one. On double-hung windows, a variation called Modified Prairie is used. Both sashes feature six lights; the upper sash features an oversized lower middle light, while the lower sash features an oversized upper middle one. When closed, it evokes the look of traditional prairie grilles.

4. Custom Grilles

In addition to these traditional styles, we offer custom grille designs. This is a great option if your home has a specific motif you wish to match. Perhaps you’re working on a home restoration but want to enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient double-hung windows. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for something unique that reflects your own style.

To learn more about our double-hung windows and other popular window styles, call Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville today at (865) 221-7970. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We serve Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas in Tennessee.

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