4 Key Long Island Window Numbers for Better Buying Decisions

There are plenty of good reasons for investing in modern, Energy Star certified replacement windows for your Long Island home. Aging windows may have developed leaks and gaps over the years. Maybe, you’re ready for a fresh, new look, or are tired of dealing with windows that won’t stay open without a prop. Whatever brought you to our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island’s blog, we’re glad you’re here.

When people ask us which replacement windows and patio doors are best for their homes, we often suggest they approach research by the numbers. Below you’ll find four tips to get you started on the path to selecting the ideal windows for your home based on key metrics.

#1. Decipher Utility Bill Clues

Gradual, but steadily, increasing heating and air conditioning bills are an indicator that your Long Island home’s windows are aging beyond their life expectancy. Utility providers point out there are several things that can trigger increases. For example, those beautiful new smart appliances with all the bells and whistles use more energy than older models built before the Internet of Things became the new norm. Inefficient heating and cooling systems, changes in lifestyle and over using fans and artificial lighting all contribute to higher electricity bills.

You can order a home-energy audit to uncover ways to improve energy-efficiency throughout your home. The best way to determine if your home windows are draining your wallet is to schedule a free, home inspection with a replacement window consultant who will check each window’s integrity. Before you call, gather a year’s worth of utility bills to see if there is a pattern associated with new appliance purchases or seasonal spikes.

#2. Understand Energy Efficiency Replacement Window Ratings

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced Energy Star recommendations in 1992 as a way to get information out to the public about ways to conserve energy and reduce costs for consumers and businesses. Existing windows in homes built in the last century may still have single-pane windows, or double pane models without gas between the panes, which are less efficient at retaining heated and cooled air. Double-pane windows are typically twice as efficient as legacy windows.

Today, you can get a clear snapshot of a replacement window’s performance by carefully reading the energy-efficiency rating label on individual window units. Learn more about these ratings (here) before you start comparing styles and brands.

#3. Compare Price-Points Accurately

One mistake many homeowners make when it comes time to upgrade their Long Island home windows is paying too much for features that aren’t necessary. For example, some dealers in our area recommend triple-pane windows. While triple-paned windows are more energy efficient, we don’t recommend them because you’ll spend up to 30% more for the added insulation and gain little to no additional savings on heating and air conditioning bills in our environment. In other words, you’ll never recoup that initial investment.

Double-pane replacement windows offer significant performance improvement at a lower price point, whether you purchase classic casement windows, awnings, sliders or beautiful bow window configurations.

Be sure you’re comparing like styles and features when looking around for the best price and performance.

#4. Define Your Personal Satisfaction Rating

The final number worth considering is personal. Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-5, how important are aesthetics? Do you want to maintain the original look with between-the-glass-divided-lite grilles? Is extensive maintenance a deal-breaker? Define your expectations, then look for a brand that can bring your vision to life.

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