4 Keys to Quality Replacement Patio Doors in NY

Patio doors tend to get a lot of use, particularly in spring, summer and fall. If your patio door is your back door, it may even get a lot of use in winter too. Between your children, your spouse, and your pets needing to go outdoors throughout the day, patio doors are often opened and closed many times every day of the year. Years of wear and tear can age lesser quality patio doors prematurely, so it pays to ensure you install high quality doors from a reputable dealer and installer to ensure your patio doors operate smoothly for years to come.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island patio doors are designed to be used for 20 years or more, and they’re backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. If you’re researching the purchase of patio doors for your home, look for these qualities before making a purchase.

#1. Patio Door Value

High value patio doors can also improve your home’s value and make your home more attractive to buyers. How can you tell if patio doors are high value?

  • Warranty. Good patio doors will be backed by a strong warranty that offers superior protection for decades.
  • Quality materials. Look for doors that are made from materials designed to last.
  • Reputable company. Purchase patio doors from a company that enjoys a good reputation, with solid online reviews and hundreds of references that will attest to their good experience with that company.

#2. Aesthetic Appeal of Patio Doors

Your home should look beautiful every day – and it can when you install quality products like good patio doors that match your home and your lifestyle. Look for patio doors that come in a range of styles, including contemporary and French doors, hinged and sliding.

For ultimate flexibility, seek out doors that can be decorated with a range of grille patterns and colors. This helps ensure that your patio doors will look right and beautiful in your home for many years following installation.

#3. Patio Door Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important. If you have old patio doors, you may have noticed that they allow drafts, heat and cold into your home. This could be putting burden on your home’s heating and air conditioning systems and could be leading to a lot of discomfort (and high utility bills) throughout the day. When you’re looking for new patio doors, seek products that can help you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors and save money on utility bills.

#4. Long Patio Door Service Life & Durability

If you can find patio doors that are made from quality materials and are sold by a reputable dealer, then you should be able to enjoy long service life and durability for many years to come.

When you’re seeking new patio doors, ask the dealer about the materials they’re made from, the warranty offered and typical service life. Find out what kind of maintenance will be required to keep the doors looking beautiful and operating smoothly for longer.

Installing New Patio Doors? Start Your Search with Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, NY

Patio doors from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island meet all the criteria that you should be seeking out when you install new patio doors. Renewal by Andersen’s doors feature continuous weatherstripping to prevent drafts in cold weather and warm.

Each door is made with low-E4 glass to help maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. To learn more, call 877-313-9052today to make an appointment for a consultation or fill in the short form on this page.


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