4 Keys to Replacement Windows & Security Systems on L.I.

Our Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window clients often consider improving energy-efficiency as one of the major factors driving their decision to upgrade with modern, high-performance windows and patio doors. We understand. Saving money wherever you can today is important for most of us. However, maintaining a safe, secure home is also important.

Although overall crime rates have dropped, there are still many residential burglaries each year according to police department statistics. Burglars, and other criminals, look for easy targets. For residential burglars, that means they are looking for a way to quickly get in and out of homes without drawing attention to themselves. One way to reduce your chances of becoming a home invasion victim is to repair or replace damaged windows and patio doors that offer crooks a low-stress entry point.

Today’s manufacturing techniques mean glass is stronger. Dual-pane construction resists blunt-force impact significantly better than the single-pane construction found in many older homes. And, building stronger window units makes it harder for would-be intruders to gain quick access to your home.

If you plan to install replacement windows, and want to upgrade your home security system, too, there are some very important things to keep in mind before you finalize those plans.

High-Performance Replacement Windows Have Added Safety Features

Many replacement window and patio door styles offer enhanced security features. For example, foot-pedal locks on patio doors add another layer of protection against unwanted entry. Tamper-resistant and recessed locks make it harder to “jimmy” a lock from outside your home. And, multiple-point locking systems on select window styles – like casements – strengthen your security plan.

Tip #1: It is vital not to drill into the sash or frame of your replacement windows when installing wired security systems. Doing so could void part of your warranty because it permanently modifies the strength and integrity of structural window components.

Tip #2: Remember that replacement patio doors don’t have to be an easy entrance point today. Exterior key-lock systems enhance security system features. Hinged patio doors offer even more protection with a five-point locking system that bolsters energy-efficiency while securing your property. Make sure your security system motion detectors and wires will not interfere with the built-in mechanisms that provide a weather-tight seal against the elements.

Not All Security Systems Are Created Equal

With cloud-based home security solutions expanding every day, homeowners on Long Island have more options than ever before for keeping their property safe and secure. Wireless motion and sensor detectors usually don’t have components that required permanently modifying your beautiful replacement windows. However, if you are considering using a wireless security system, ask if the system can “learn” new sounds. Modern replacement window glass sounds different when it breaks than older glass sounded. Some older security systems may not recognize the sound of shatter-resistant glass breaking because factory applied technology prevents glass shards from falling to the floor. There are also variances in how sensitive digital systems are to movement that originates through an open, or damaged, window.

Tip #3: Talk to your security expert about the quality and reliability of potential systems. Make sure you find a solution that fits your lifestyle. You don’t want a system so sensitive that the family cat sets off alarms when he prowls around the house at night, but you definitely want one that will recognize the sounds of someone trying to gain entry to your home while you sleep.

Get the Help You Need from Your Personal Replacement Window Specialist

We aren’t security experts – although we are proud of the replacement window and patio door features that allow homeowners to have confidence they have fixtures that improve safety and security in the home. While we won’t recommend a particular acoustic sensor or shock detector, we can supply you with information about your replacement window products your security team will need to help you install a system that works best for you.

Tip #4: Ask your Renewal by Andersen representative for available information about the glass type, frame material, dimensions and construction process. We’ll help you design a system that won’t compromise your window performance or negatively impact warranty coverage.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is Here to Help Coordinate Your Security Update With Your Replacement Window Project

Remember that any construction or modification that touches weather-stripping, glass panes, frames, locks and other window components can impact the energy-efficiency and overall performance of your replacement windows and patio doors. If you have any questions about coordinating a security upgrade with a replacement window project, fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at (866) 609-5033 before you get started.

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