4 Reasons Why Window Replacement In Winter Works

Home improvements are generally regarded as things that should be done during the summer season. However, unlike most home improvements, replacement windows installation can be done during any time of the year — even in the middle of winter. In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares the reasons why winter window installation works in any season.

 Window Replacement In Winter Works

1. Windows are replaced one at a time. A standard window installation process involves removing one window at a time. This allows window installers to isolate one room at a time, which keeps your home protected from air infiltration and keeps heat loss to a minimum. Even with a small installation team, removing and replacing the windows in a moderately large bedroom will take less than half an hour, barring repairs. An average home can have a new set of windows installed in a day.

2. It’s off-peak season. Replacement window contractors — and most other types of building and remodeling contractors, for that matter — are in high demand during warm seasons. Scheduling an appointment with a contractor that you want can be difficult and should be scheduled months ahead. Getting replacement windows during off-peak season, on the other hand, is much easier. You have greater chances of choosing the contractor that you want, on the most convenient dates, possibly even on short notice.

3. Winter energy savings. One of the key benefits of getting new windows is energy savings. When you replace your windows in winter, you can immediately feel the comfort it brings. You’ll also notice that your heating system won’t be working so hard during the season, which can result in noticeable savings on your heating costs, year after year.

4. Potential discounts. Generally, contractors offer incentives to homeowners who hire them during off-peak seasons in the form of discounts, sales or flexible payment methods. We recommend checking out our latest promotions at our site — it’s the first thing you’ll see when you visit.

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