4 Smart Ways to Improve Window Security

How secure are your home’s windows? Do they lock well? Are they strong? Can they be forced open from the outside? About 95 percent of home burglaries involve forced entry, like prying open a window. You can protect your home by protecting your windows, and by installing strong, modern windows that lock well and stay secure. Below are our suggestions for small and large ways you can improve window security in your home.

#1. Invest in Thorny Shrubs

Keep intruders away from your windows by landscaping the ground around them with thorny shrubs. Specimens like Mohave Pyracantha or some varieties of hawthorn grow well on Long Island and are popular for residential protection uses. Some thorny shrubs can be a problem if you have curious children or pets, so give thought before installing anything that could cause accidents at home. Keep thorny shrubs away from walkways and away from areas that are frequently traveled on your lawn.

#2. Prune Shrubs, Control Their Size

Bushes and shrubs (especially thornless ones) make a good hiding place for someone scoping out your house. Keep all shrubs pruned low to prevent intruders from using them as cover.

Is your property landscaped with tall shrubs you don’t want to prune? Install motion-activated lights on your property to keep the area around your shrubs well-lit.

#3. Invest In Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are one of the most popular Do-It-Yourself security products available today. Install motion-activated cameras in your home and aim them at your windows to monitor their activity. Smart cameras connect to smart phones so you can stay current with the events in your house, and if a window opens or is shattered while you’re gone, you can call the authorities for help.

#4. Install Strong Replacement Windows

The best way to protect your home’s windows is to install strong, new replacement windows that can withstand an attack from the outside. Single pane windows offer little protection against a break in. Replacing your old single pane windows with modern, dual pane windows can help fortify your home, especially if you install windows with a strong, durable frame material like Fibrex, which combines the strength of wood and the low-maintenance features of vinyl.

Ready to Improve Your Window Security? Contact Us

Are you ready to improve your home’s window security? While there are many changes you can make to your home to improve security in small ways, replacement windows can make a big difference, especially if your windows are poor fitting, single pane, or maybe already cracked and broken. To make an appointment to discuss new window installation, contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island – use the toll free number (866) 609-5033. You can also contact us through our website.


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