4 Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms are usually humid, so they can greatly benefit from windows. Ideally, your bathroom window should effectively ventilate the space, illuminate key areas, maintain your privacy and make the room more appealing.

 Bathroom Windows

Here are four things to consider when choosing windows for your bathroom.

1. Window Transparency

Frosted windows are a good choice because they’ll keep the room private. Other window glass options include seeded, textured and stained. These windows allow natural light to pass through while obscuring the contents of the bathroom. Each texture can work for various bathroom themes. For example, stained glass can fit in traditional-style bathrooms, while frosted glass could work in modern bathroom designs.

2. Size

Natural lighting can make your bathroom look brighter, more relaxing and more spacious. However, bigger windows do not necessarily mean they’re better. The size of your bathroom window should be proportionate to the space. Your contractor can make the necessary measurements to determine the correct size of windows for your bathroom.

3. Style

Bathrooms are usually humid, so they must have proper ventilation. Double-hung windows are often considered for bathrooms because they enable better airflow. Alternatively, you can choose awning, casement or sliding windows. Homeowners typically select awnings because they capture more breeze and maintain the bathroom’s privacy.  You can also keep them open in any weather.

4. Placement

Placing your bathroom windows higher on the wall gives you privacy and natural lighting. Skylights can also offer the same benefits plus a view of the sky. Consider the design of your bathroom too. If you have a picturesque view above the sink or tub, install a window there.

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