4 Tips to Make Your Long Island Patio Doors More Beautiful

Old patio doors can be an eyesore if they’re not properly maintained, but there are many things you can do to improve the way your patio doors look. With good cleaning habits, a little sprucing up, and patio door replacement (if it’s needed), you can improve the look and performance of your doors in very little time and expense.

At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, we sell and install our own windows. All work is done in-house. When you visit one of our showrooms, you’ll see a variety of products all made by Renewal by Andersen. When you make a purchase, our fully trained installers remove your old windows and install the new ones.

Why is that better?

#1. Start a Weekly Washing Routine for Your Patio Doors

Dirty glass dramatically impacts the look of your patio doors. Start a weekly washing routine to keep your glass sparkling. The method you use to clean your patio doors makes all the difference, so find a cleaning product that works for you. While there are a variety of commercially available glass cleaners, you can also make your own cleaning product using 2 parts vinegar, 4 parts water and 1 part rubbing alcohol.

Start by dusting the windows to remove dirt and grit before starting your washing routine. Once the grime has been removed, spray them down so the glass is covered in cleaner. Wipe the glass clean with a microfiber cloth, then dry the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

#2. Hang New Curtains on Your Patio Doors

You’d be surprised how much difference it can make to hang new curtains around your patio doors. Choose curtains that contrast with your old window treatments. For example, if your old curtains or drapes were dark and heavy, opt for new sheers that let in light. If your old curtains were a neutral color, make a statement with something vibrant and bold.

#3. Improve Landscaping Outside Your Patio Doors

What do you see when you look out your patio doors? Do you see your backyard? What condition is it in? Improving the landscaping around your patio makes the doors themselves that much more beautiful. Even if the landscaping doesn’t come right up to the doors, place beautiful potted plants in their vicinity, so they are visible from inside your home. Place a potted flower on the other side of your patio, opposite the door. Dress up the space. Make the view out your patio doors beautiful, colorful, and tidy.

#4. Install New Patio Doors

After about 30 years, your patio doors will likely reach the end of their service life. Replacing your old patio doors with something new, well-made and high quality can improve your home’s visual appeal while dressing up your home on the inside and outside. Renewal by Andersen of Long Island sells patio doors with an easy-to-stain natural pine interior, and Perma-Shield doors with a rigid vinyl surface and an engineered wood core.

Ready for New Patio Doors? Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

New patio doors make all the difference. Contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island to improve your home’s functionality and appearance with brand new patio. To make an appointment, contact us through our website or use the toll free number (866) 609-5033.




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