4 Ways Poor Replacement Window Installation Can Cost You

Deciding to install replacement windows in your Long Island home to improve energy efficiency and beautify the appearance of your property is a wise investment choice. Using a cut-rate contractor for the installation process can be a costly decision that derails your plans and costs you far more than you saved. In this Renewal by Andersen of Long Island post you’ll learn the importance of getting a perfect installation.

There’s an old adage that says, “All that glitters is not gold.” That wise pearl reminds us that appearance isn’t always a true indicator of what lurks beneath the surface. Signs of a poor replacement window installation may be hidden behind exterior cladding for many years before the homeowner is aware of the problem.

Leaking Windows Create Water Damage Nightmares

Here a four ways a poor installation can create hassles and financial hardships for Long Island homeowners.

#1. Water Infiltration = Structural Failure

Improper installation, specifically failing to correctly seal each window unit with flashing and high-quality sealants that protect against water infiltration, means every time it rains or snows, water gets behind the exterior siding, saturating wooden structural components. Over time, your frame will become weak and succumb to rot. Homeowners may not even know there’s a problem until beams and wall studs start to lose their structural integrity. At that point, it’s a health, safety and financial nightmare.

#2. Moisture = Mold

Uncontrolled moisture invites mold colonization. Mold thrives in dark, damp environments. While your home is silently deteriorating behind that beautiful facade, developing mold may contribute to poor indoor air quality that puts your family’s health at risk. People respond differently to mold infestations. Some people may experience minor problems that mimic seasonal allergies while others develop severe respiratory problems requiring extensive medical treatment. And, finding the cause is difficult, since most doctors don’t test for mold unless you report a potential problem.

#3. Mold Remediation = $$$$

Along with the financial expense associated with diagnosing and treating mold-induced health conditions, homeowners face the laborious and expensive path to mold remediation. Some insurance companies will cover all or part of the restoration, but people who have lived through the process say losing personal belongings damaged by invasive mold is a loss you can’t put a price tag on. And, if you don’t temporarily move out of the home, you have to live with the mess and constant noise while professionals tackle the problem.

#4. Damp Environments = Insects

Where there’s mold, there may be other invasive pests. Like mold, cockroaches and other insects gravitate to dark, moist hiding spots. Most pest control experts will tell you the first line of defense against resident pests is eliminating moisture. If you aren’t aware of the source, your extermination efforts won’t correct the problem. You may get rid of one batch temporarily, but others will soon find their way to a welcoming environment – cockroaches don’t need kitchen crumbs, they are content eating on the decaying wood, which adds to the structural damage.

Work with a Trusted Long Island Replacement Window Brand to Prevent Costly Mistakes

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island knows the true cost of a poor replacement window installation. To ensure our customers never have to deal with these potential nightmares, we only allow highly-skilled technicians trained to install our replacement windows to work in your home. This is why we can proudly offer a superior warranty that covers installation parts and labor.

Why put your physical and financial health at risk? If you’re on the fence about which brand replacement windows to buy, we invite you to fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to learn more about our beautiful replacement window and patio styles, and our no-hassles, guaranteed installation.

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