4 Ways to Bring In Sunshine During the Fall Season

Natural light offers many benefits, both aesthetic and practical. It can even help improve your health. In today’s post, your local provider of replacement windows and French doors, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey, shares some tips on how to bring in more natural light this season.

Fall Season

1. Keep the windows clear — There are many ways for natural light to enter your home — windows, patio and entry doors, skylights, sun tunnels and glass blocks. Keep the glass clean and plan your furniture placement so they don’t block these openings. Choose window treatments that block natural light only when you need to.

2. Choose windows with large glass areas — If you are planning on installing new windows and/or patio doors, try to find ones with slim yet strong frames and sashes. Slim frames allow bigger glass areas that, in turn, allow more natural light into your home. Light materials like vinyl may not be able to support the increased weight of the glass, especially if you’re choosing insulated glass panels. Consider stronger materials like our own Fibrex® material, a composite of wood fibers and polymer. In addition to its inherent strength, our Fibrex frames have low maintenance requirements just like vinyl frames.

3. Install clerestory windows and sidelights — Certain areas of the house like entry halls typically could not accommodate windows, which is why they’re typically dark. Instead of skylight installation — which would require removing a large portion of the roof — consider clerestory windows and skylights instead. Clerestory windows are relatively smaller and can be installed in gables or similarly-unused parts of a wall. Sidelights are also a great option if you are considering getting new entry doors.

4. Don’t ignore south-facing windows — South-facing windows generally have a bad reputation because the light coming from that direction is too harsh. But it is an abundant light source, nevertheless. Choose replacement windows that feature glass with low-emissivity coatings like our own High Performance™ Low-E4® glass. They make it possible to have windows that have low visible transmittance (VT) ratings that can tame harsh lighting.

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