4 Window Styles That Will Transform Your Living Room

Your living room is an area of busy activity. As such, it is important that you are able to maintain its function and beauty. One way to do so is to consider a window replacement. Read further for some of the best window style suggestions that can help transform your living room.

4 Window Styles That Will Transform Your Living Room

Bay Window

A linear and angular window style, it is characterized by its outward projection towards your home’s exterior. This gives you additional and useful space in your living room, in which you can add decor such as cushions. It consists of three panels that utilize different window styles. An example configuration for such a unit would include a combination of a picture window in the middle and two double hung types on both sides.

Double Hung Window

This style of window is perfect for your living room given its classic, traditional appearance that matches any interior design. Apart from enhancing this area of your home, double hung windows also provide excellent ventilation. Simply open both sashes for better air quality and overall indoor comfort.

Picture Window

This window style might be an inoperable one (that is, it can’t be opened or closed), but they provide the best daylighting you can possibly get for your living room. The massive glass area characteristic of such windows helps illuminate your home using sunlight, making it more spacious. Not only that, but your family will enjoy glancing at the picturesque view of the outdoor with this window style.

Casement Window

This window style offers versatility in both form and function. The design of casement windows and how they are lined up side-by-side allows for unobstructed landscape views and accents your interior. Swing the sash outward and you let air and sunlight in, making this window style a great choice when you want to ensure indoor comfort.

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