5 Best Window Styles for Better Ventilation

Ventilation can dilute pollutants and improve indoor air quality in your home. It can also help with passive cooling to reduce HVAC expenses during the warmer months. And natural ventilation starts with your windows. Some window styles perform better than others, and you might need replacement windows to get optimal ventilation in your home.  

5 Best Window Styles for Better Ventilation

A local windows company, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta shares some of the best window styles that help improve home ventilation.

1. Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows are large windows that take up a lot of space in your home and are arranged as a single unit. While they have a large, fixed window in the middle, they are flanked by two, smaller windows that can be opened and closed. These side windows can easily catch breezes in two different directions, allowing you to maximize your home’s ventilation.

2. Sliding Windows 

While they aren’t at the top of the list, they’re still the best choice for rooms that have a limited indoor and outdoor opening space as they can still let some air in without having to open out or into your home. They work particularly well in small spaces, where larger window styles might not be practical.

3. Casement Windows

If you want to have a versatile window that maximizes your home’s ventilation, then casement windows are a great choice. These replacement windows have two panes that hinge on one side and open outwards with the help of a crank. You can control the amount of ventilation by adjusting the angle of the window opening.

4. Double-Hung Windows 

Double-hung windows can provide natural ventilation, even without the presence of outdoor air, using the airflow within a room. Double-hung windows allow cool air to enter at the bottom while hot air exits through the top.  The higher your ceiling and the taller your windows are, the more effective double-hung windows will be.

5. Bay Windows

Bay windows provide great interior value and maximum air circulation.  These windows work especially well in traditional-style homes but are versatile enough to work with any home design. Bay windows are composed of a large window and two smaller operable windows on either side.

Every window from Renewal by Andersen is custom-made to the precise specifications of your home and is available in a number of different styles. We are a professional windows contractor in the Atlanta Metro area that offers attractive, energy-efficient products with factory-trained and certified technicians performing all installations. 

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