5 Replacement Window FAQs from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

If you’re considering installing replacement windows in your Long Island home for first time, you probably have tons of questions. Here are 5 questions and answers from Renewal by Andersen to help you start your home renovation journey.

  1. Time to repair or replace existing windows? Do you know how to recognize when retirement is the only solution?

There are some situations where you can invest a few dollars and a couple of hours of your time and repair your existing windows. For example, if a glass panel in a single-pane window unit is broken or cracked, but the window itself is in great condition otherwise, you could replace the pane and restore the original function – even if it isn’t as energy-efficient as modern Energy-Star certified double-pane window units. Remediation may also be possible when weather-stripping or sealants fail, resulting in air and moisture leaks.

However, if you are dealing with excessive condensation build up, aging windows with low performance ratings and bent hinges, it is probably time to upgrade. Another sure sign that your days of repairing the window are over is when you cannot find replacement parts anymore. It could be very expensive to get replacement hinges and hardware custom-built for an out-of-date style or brand.

  1. What are my options when simple repairs aren’t enough?

High-quality wood window frames can outlast some replacement windows built with technology available in the mid-twentieth century, but when you find your frames are mostly wood putty after decades of fixing rot and mildew patches, it is time to consider updating your existing windows. You have several choices when you find that a simple fix isn’t going to be a permanent solution.

2 Main Options to Replace Your Windows

  • Insert Replacement Windows. An insert replacement window is a replacement window unit that fits into the existing frame. The sash (the parts that hold the glass) are removed, the existing window frame is covered with custom-made “cap” made of a low-maintenance material like aluminum and the new window is inserted into the hole where the old window used to be. This is the most common, simple and quick solution to replace a home window.
  • New Construction Windows. You can opt to rip the whole window unit out yourself and replace everything, or hire a contractor to do the job for you. On the positive side, your off-the-shelf-window may be slightly less expensive than a high-quality replacement window option. However, you will have to do some demo work, modification to ensure and exact fit and if you make a mistake, or your contractor does, during the process, your window warranty may not cover the parts or the labor necessary to fix the damage. The process is laborious, time consuming and risky if you don’t have recommendations for a reputable contractor.
  1. When is the best time of year to install replacement windows on Long Island?

The truth is there is never a ¨wrong season¨ to order new home windows. Once in a while very inclement weather may temporarily delay the project by a few hours, or a few days, but in our area, with our professional window installation technicians, it´s possible to install replacement windows on your schedule – Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall.

  1. I have a limited budget. Should I wait until I can afford to replace all the existing windows at the same time, or schedule my home renovation in affordable stages?

Buying cheap, poorly constructed home windows is never a good idea. If you cannot afford to upgrade all the windows in your home at the same time, it is perfectly acceptable to stage your renovation. You may want to replace the worst performing windows now and then replace others when your budget allows. Or, you may consider replacing the windows on the front, or side or back now and wait on the others. Consult a replacement window specialist about the reasons you are considering updating your windows and your budgeting concerns.

  1. I want high-quality windows, but I don’t just want to pay extra for a brand name. Are there any special features I can look for that demonstrate quality and performance?

There are many “clues” people can look for when comparing replacement window brands. For example, learning everything you can about the energy-efficiency labels before you start your journey will help you determine which windows have superior insulating qualities and effectively guard against heat loss in cold weather months. Other factor to consider include:

  • Does the window unit have a nice appearance? Finishes should be even, no bubbles or inconsistency in colors.
  • How smoothly does it operate? Test samples multiple times to ensure the operation is effortless whether you’re considering a slider, a casement window or a single-hung style with a sash that moves vertically.
  • Is the window easy to clean? Modern replacement window designs allow homeowners to clean both interior and exterior surfaces from inside their home and never require expensive, chemical cleaning solutions that may damage your windows and the environment.
  • What hardware and other options (grilles, screens, etc.) are available? You’re going to live with your windows for a long time. Make sure they meet your style needs now and in the future. A compromise now may mean you’re not happy with your windows for many years.
  • What is the window warranty and who backs it up? The strength of a window’s warranty is a good clue to the quality and durability of the window. Also consider both the window manufacturer’s warranty and the installation warranty. Be careful that if the manufacturer does not install the window, you could be left with a manufacturer saying the installer should cover the repairs and the installer claiming the manufacturer should.

Get Your Replacement Window Questions Answered By a Professional Long Island Window Consultant

We understand you may have questions we didn’t cover here. Whether you’re wondering about energy-efficiency ratings and which window style are easier to take care of, or you have more specific questions about the different configuration options, we have answers. Simply fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at (866) 609-5033.

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