5 Ways Sliding Windows Are Right for Your Long Island Home  

So, you’re thinking about giving your Long Island home a new look this summer and want to learn more about the different styles of replacement windows and patio doors. Maybe you want to update your windows without dramatically changing the original appearances. Have your considered sliding windows? Perhaps you’re just starting to research and wonder which replacement windows you should buy for the best value, functionality and beauty. Renewal by Andersen offers a full line of replacement window styles for your Long Island home, but gliding, or sliding windows, are a versatile option that works well in most homes in our area.

Here is a short list with five features and performance factors that differentiate sliding replacement windows from other styles available on the market today.

#1. Sliding Windows Encourage More Natural Sunlight

If you’re wondering which replacement window you should buy to bring in more sunlight, sliding windows are an excellent choice. The low profile frame means that you get the largest viewing area of any operable window in our home improvement portfolio. Choosing the narrow, contoured Fibrex frames also boosts energy-efficiency, so you have a great view and maximize saving potential if you’re trying to control your heating and air conditioning costs.

#2. They Offer Multiple Configuration Options

You can choose stand alone sliding windows that slide from the left or right. You can also configure a combination of three window units that provide both a right and left opening and a stationary center panel. Deciding which sash, and how many, move is totally up to you. You can also mull smaller sliding replacement windows beneath a large picture window to allow air flow, without interfering with a stellar view beyond the glass.

#3. Sliding Replacement Windows Never Interfere With Traffic Patterns

Because the sash slide horizontally, and don’t swing in or swing out, a glider won’t interfere with interior or exterior architectural features or traffic patterns. You can arrange your furnishings – or patio gear – to fit your needs and preferences. They are the ideal solution where space is limited and a projecting window would block walkways or be blocked by landscaping near your home. And, like casement windows, you get ventilation from top to bottom when opened.

#4. They Complement Other Styles & Many Settings

Choosing a glider doesn’t mean you have to install sliding windows throughout your home, or design each one with the same accessories. You have so many options, we cannot list them all, but here are a few.

  1. Leave your replacement window unadorned, or add one of our four patterned glass choices – fern, cascade, obscure, or reed – for a bit of artistic expression or privacy.
  2. Maximize your view, or create a unique focal point with standard grille layoutsthat include Prairie, Colonial, Modified Prairie and Farmhouse styles. You can also design your own grille layout if you want to mirror certain patterns on specialty shaped windows or certain architectural features of your home.
  3. Use your sliding windows in bay and bow configurations. You can a sliding patio window, or even a patio door, for entrance and egress in bay and bow configurations to replace true floor to ceiling windows.
  4. If you can imagine it, our professional replacement window specialists and the expert craftsmen in the factory can probably make it a reality.

#5. Sliding Windows Are Easy to Maintain & Easy to Take Care Of

Sliders open on a dual mono-rail system that means they are as easy to clean and maintain as they are to open. You simply lift out the panels so you never have to run back and forth to clean both surfaces. And, you won’t have to worry about ugly water spots because we apply special coatings in the factory that eliminate 99% of all water spots whenever direct sunlight hits the glass. They are easy to use, easy to customize with hardware, insect screens and color combinations and they you can choose to create a stunning view or enjoy the one nature has given you.

Are Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Sliding Replacement Windows Right For Your Home?

What do you think? Are sliding replacement windows and patio doors the perfect solution for your Long Island home? As you can see, sliding replacement windows do some things that other styles can’t. Ready to be inspired? Download our 3D Visualizer app or visit the replacement window gallery. Ready to get started planning your home update? Fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to schedule an in-home consultation today.


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