5 Ways to Dress Up Your Windows for Spring

Spring is here, and it’s time to make your home look as clean and beautiful as the new season! One of the best ways to accomplish this is to dress up your windows for spring.

There are many things you can do to make your windows more attractive. After cleaning your window glass and window frames, taking the time to follow the suggestions below can also help you make your windows look lovely.

#1. Install Window Boxes

Window boxes place elegant flowers right outside your home’s windows, so you can see them every time you look outside. Not only does this make your home more attractive outside, it can be an especially satisfying project if the view out your home’s windows is less than impressive.

Some window boxes need to be attached to your house with screws and nails. If this describes your window boxes, consider getting a handyman to install the window boxes for you.

#2. Use Window Film

A window film is another way to make your windows attractive if the view out your windows leaves something to be desired. If your windows look out onto the siding of your neighbor’s house, or if they look out at the privacy fence around your property, you can use decorative glass window film to add color and beauty to your home’s interior. This is a good solution in rooms that are west- and south-facing because these windows get a lot of natural light.

#3. Adjust Outside Landscaping

You can make the view out your windows more beautiful by tending to your landscaping. Trim back overgrown or gangly shrubs. Don’t be afraid to remove old trees and shrubs that are unhealthy, and replace them with trees and shrubs that add seasonal color to your property. Some people struggle to pick the right landscaping for their home. If this describes you, then talk to an experienced landscape contractor to get this work done properly.

#4. Make Stained Glass Crafts

You don’t have to buy window film to install it on your windows – you can also make homemade window film from materials that you likely already have on hand. You’ll need construction paper, clear contact paper, tissue paper and scissors to do this job. Check out this online craft tutorial to learn ways that you can decorate your window with tissue paper stained glass.

#5. Buy New Spring Window Treatments

One more way to make your windows more beautiful in spring is to buy new spring window treatments for your home. Take down those heavy curtains and drapes that you had up and replace them with something light and cottony for the season.

Enjoy New Windows this Spring with Replacement Windows

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