5 Ways to Make Your Patio or Deck Stunning this Summer

Your patio or deck is the perfect place to spend your summer evenings relaxing, talking to family, watching the sun go down …. or at least, it could be the perfect place – with a little ingenuity and some redecorating. If your patio isn’t quite ready for a relaxing summer, now is the time to dress it up and make it beautiful. Here are five great ways to make your patio or deck a stunning place to spend your summer.

#1. Install Lighting

Installing lighting on your patio or deck can be as simple as using solar lights or hanging cafe lights from your trellis or canopy, or can be as complicated as installing in-ground electrical lights with help from an electrician. Either way, lighting makes the space easier to use when the sun goes down. If you’re installing strings of cafe lights, for your safety make sure that the exterior outlet is a GFCI outlet. Have your electrician upgrade the outlet if it doesn’t have a GFCI feature.

#2. Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains around your patio or deck can provide a sense of privacy and can help shelter your patio from the sun. Use exterior-grade curtains for this purpose, as they will be less likely to fade and more capable of withstanding regular exposure to UV rays. On windy days, you’ll want to pull your curtains back, so have a tie-back nearby that you can use at these times.

#3. Create a Lounge Area

Create a lounge area with patio furniture. When purchasing patio furniture, focus on furniture that’s more luxurious than practical (think: couches and chaise lounges, rather than chairs). Be sure to buy exterior-grade furniture so that it will last longer in the Long Island summer heat and occasional rain storm.

#4. Make It Green & Gorgeous

Dress up your patio or deck with greenery like beautiful plants. You can either grow the plants in the perimeter just outside your patio or deck, or in pots actually on the surface. Climbing plants like clematis provide some privacy and also real beauty on your patio or deck. Want to shelter yourself from the sun and wind? Try planting arborvitae around the perimeter.

#5. Install New Patio Doors

Make your patio or deck more lovely and functional with brand-new patio doors. Old patio doors can start to deteriorate with time, which can take away from your enjoyment of your outdoor space. With new patio doors, you’ll improve the appearance of your patio or deck on the inside and outside and make enjoying your yard more convenient. Want to add some elegance to your home and yard? Consider French swinging patio doors. Want to save space inside and out? Consider sliding patio doors. With new doors, you can improve the sophisticated appearance of your patio or deck while also increasing your enjoyment of it.

Hoping to Replace Your Patio Doors? Call Us

Replacing your patio doors can increase the value of your home while also improving the look of your patio or deck. Our Narroline patio doors are made from stainable pine and energy efficient glass. They come in different styles including French doors and sliding contemporary – so you can choose the doors that are right for your home. To get started with your purchase, call Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, use the toll-free number (866) 609-5033 or fill in the short form on this page.


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