6 Benefits of Opening Your Windows

While open windows can improve mood and create a more pleasant home, we cannot overlook the fact that they are also beneficial to the environment in various ways. The most obvious environmental benefit of opening windows and doors on nice days is saving electricity by not running the air conditioner.


Healthy living at home encompasses everything from your sleep quality to the food you consume to the air you breathe. We’d like to focus on the final point today: clean indoor air. The following are some of the reasons why opening your new replacement windows is beneficial to you, your family and the environment:

  • Improves indoor air quality: Indoor air pollution is often worse than outdoor pollution. In reality, poor indoor air quality causes allergies and other health issues. This is because many homes are intended to be airtight to conserve energy. Closed windows and doors can trap harmful particles.
  • Pushes out air pollutants: Pollutants, such as cigarette smoke, radon gas, leached chemicals from furnishings, paint and solvent smells, can damage indoor air. Open windows and doors to let fresh air in and acquire some air-purifying houseplants to help filter the air.
  • Naturally circulate the air: Opening a few windows helps to circulate the air in your home or office. You can use a room fan to assist circulate the fresh outdoor air throughout your home if there is no breeze.
  • Save money on electricity and fossil fuels: By opening windows, you may let a cool breeze into your home and lessen the need for air conditioners and fans. The less electricity and fossil fuels you use, the less you pay for utilities.
  • Air fresheners aren’t needed as much: Fresh air is efficient in immediately removing unwanted scents from your home. The air it cleans is free of any chemical scents or air fresheners, so you don’t have to use any of that when you clean.
  • Less allergen buildup: Opening windows can reduce the need for cleaning gear like vacuums and air purifiers. Dust, pollen and pet dander don’t have time to accumulate in your home, leaving less to clean up and fewer spores to make you sneeze.

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