6 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Windows Easier

It’s a good idea to clean your windows at least once every six months or so. Regularly keeping your windows clean helps you maintain your windows, and enables you to discover maintenance problems to fix while you’re going through the cleaning process. Clean windows also helps let light into your home, which brightens the space with natural cheer and engaging in regular window cleaning also boosts curb appeal by making your home look better from the street.

Cleaning windows is an art, and not everyone has the right technique. If you’re relatively inexperienced at cleaning windows, these tips can help through the process. With a little skill and the right tools, you can make your windows sparkle like they’re brand new.

#1. Make or Select Your Window Cleaning Product

While commercial cleaning products work just fine, many homeowners prefer to make their own glass cleaner from 1/4 cup vinegar, 2 cups of water and a smidgen of dishwashing liquid. To make window cleaning easier pour your homemade cleaning product in a spray bottle.

#2. Clean Windows on the Right Day

Hot, sunny days are not great days for cleaning windows. Hot temperatures and direct sunlight can cause your cleaning product to evaporate prematurely, leaving streaks on the windows. The best day to clean your windows is on a cool, overcast day. If it’s sunny outside, avoid direct sunlight. Wait until your windows are in shade to start cleaning.

#3. Remove Window Dirt with a Microfiber Cloth

Wipe down your windows with a clean microfiber cloth before spritzing the glass with cleaner. This removes grit that might otherwise get smeared around on the glass or even scratch the window glass.

#4. Spray & Wipe Your Windows

Spray the window glass generously with cleaner, then wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth. Keep several microfiber cloths on hand to clean your windows, and keep switching cloths as used ones get dirty. When you’re cleaning windows inside your home, switch rags. Cloths used on the window exteriors may pick up debris like bird feces. You don’t want to spread that around on the inside of your windows.

#5. Use Window Tilting Function to Clean Inside & Out

If you own double hung windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, they can tilt inward, so you can easily clean the outside of your windows from the inside of your house. This simplifies window cleaning if you live in a home with a second floor. Not sure how to tilt your double hung windows inward? Check out this window cleaning video to learn how:

Additional Window Cleaning Tips

There’s more to window cleaning than you might expect. These additional tips can help the window cleaning process go smoothly.

  • Clean your window sills at the same time that you’re cleaning your window glass.
  • If you’re using a squeegee, replace the squeegee blade before getting started.
  • Not sure how to get those little splashes of paint off your window glass? Use a sharp blade to scrape the windows, but be careful not to cut yourself or the seal around the window glass.

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