6 Tips to Clean Your Windows the Right Way

Have you cleaned your windows for winter? Good for you! Cleaning your home’s windows can make your home look brighter and sunnier. It’s also a good way to identify window maintenance problems that may need to be addressed. By cleaning your windows regularly, you can make your home look better on the inside and the outside.

#1. Choose Your Window Cleaning Product

The cleaning product you select will make all the difference. Commercial cleaning products are readily available and usually do the job well. You can also make your own cleaning product at home. Mix 1/4 cup vinegar with two cups water, then pour in a dab of liquid dish soap. Shake the contents to mix.

#2. Choose the Right Day to Clean Your Windows

Avoid cleaning your windows in direct sunlight, as sunlight can cause your window cleaning products to dry fast and make streaks on the glass. The best days to clean your windows are when it’s cool and overcast.

#3. Remove Loose Dirt from Window Glass First

Before getting started, remove any loose dirt from your windows with a dry microfiber or other very soft cloth. This way, you’ll need less cleaning product and you’ll smear less dirt during the window cleaning process.

#4. Spray Windows and Wipe

Spray your windows generously with the cleaning product, then wipe your windows with a clean microfiber or other very soft cloth. Dry your windows with a second clean, microfiber or other very soft cloth.

#5. Tilt Windows Inward to Clean the Outside

If your windows are double hung windows from Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, you can tilt them inward to clean the outside of the windows from the inside. This video shows you how to tilt your windows and make cleaning your windows much easier:

#6. Window Cleaning Tips

The following window cleaning tips can help make the process simpler!

  • Buy a pack or two of microfiber cloths for this project. Keep lots of extra cloths on hand throughout the cleaning project, so you can swap out dirty rags with clean rags as you go.
  • You don’t need a squeegee, but if you’re using one, replace the blade before getting started.
  • If you’re using a blade to scrape off any sticky gunk on your windows, make sure it’s new and sharp to avoid scratching your windows.
  • Clean your window sills at the same time that you’re cleaning your windows. Use a separate rag to get the job done.

Tired of Fighting With Your Windows? Renewal By Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro Can Help

If your windows are difficult to open or close, or if they’re in poor condition, contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro. We’d love to discuss how our window products can make your window cleaning experience easier. Use the toll free number 1-888-826-2451, or fill out the short form on this page for a free consultation.



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