7 Reasons Replacement Sliding Patio Doors Are Popular On Long Island

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island offers three basic replacement sliding patio door options, but with a full spectrum of color options, hardware choices, insect screens and other accessories, homeowners can design entrance doors that complement their personality and highlight architectural features in the homes.

Here are seven reasons our sliding doors are so popular with homeowners in Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn and Queens.

Replacement Patio Doors Are So Popular Because . . .

#1: They Dramatically Expand Your Viewing Area

Compared to French-style, hinged patio doors, sliding patio doors have a low-profile – narrower trim and frame elements. Less means more. More glass surface. This means you can take in the beautiful scenery surrounding your home, watch the local wildlife rummaging for nuts, or experience the Fall migration as the warm summer weather transitions to cooler days and colder nights.

#2: Slide Left, Slide Right, or Overlap in the Middle

Depending on the size of the opening left when we remove existing doors, you can choose how many panels to install, and which operational direction best serves your needs. Create a stunning, multi-paneled entrance or opt for a sleek, minimalist approach that doesn’t interfere with activities on the patio or furniture placement indoors. Sliding patio doors provide an opportunity to create transition elements that enhance your indoor spaces.

#3: Simple Design

This no-nonsense design complements almost every architectural style from traditional Cape Cods to the ever popular Colonials and Ranches we see in suburbia.

#4: Let the Sun Showcase Your Decorating Style

Since the glass is the largest part of your patio door, you’ll not only get an expanded viewing area, but you’ll also capture more natural light. And everyone knows that everything looks better in natural light. A few well-placed mirrors can make your spaces look, and feel, larger, too. If you’ve been wondering how to make a hall look brighter or use mirrors to reflect light into dark corners, check out these tips from Decorated Life.

#5: When You Want to Simplify Your Life – Choose Gliding Replacement Patio Doors

Sliders offer one-finger operation. A series of rollers on the panel edges effortlessly glide in the track, so you’ll never have to push, pull or break a sweat to open and close your patio door. Plus, maintenance is almost zero. You’ll naturally want to clean the track to make sure dirt and loose debris does not build up, but that is it, other than wiping down the frame, glass and trim once in a while. And, cleaning your new doors is easy, too. This care and maintenance guide answers any questions you might have about taking care of your patio entrance doors so you’ll know what to expect after the installation.

#6: Energy Star Label Glass Improves Energy-Efficiency

With low-E glass options that allow you to control light transfer, reduce ambient noise and block harmful rays, you increase opportunities to reduce your monthly heating and air conditioning bill. Ask your replacement window design consultant to explain why choosing the right glazing helps you save money without having to put on a sweater because you feel you have to turn the thermostat way down in the winter to avoid escalating utility bills as the weather changes.

#7: Same High Quality and Superior Performance as Swing-Out Patio Doors

Custom-crafted replacement patio doors offer superior energy-efficiency, look beautiful for decades and never fail due to rot, mildew, or moisture – when you choose windows manufactured with high standards and construction materials.

Who Should Choose Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Sliding Replacement Patio Doors?

Sliding replacement patio doors are a great option for Long Island homeowners who want to maximize their investment with expanded viewing areas and opportunities to capture more natural light. If you live in a modern home, or an older home that needs a bit of TLC, you should consider sliding patio doors. They never interfere with furniture placement – indoors or out – and don’t need any clearance, so you can have more decorating options and fewer hassles should you decide to move furniture around or decide to open the door for a bit more ventilation on a mild day.

Need for information about Renewal by Andersen of Long Island patio door options? Just fill in the short form on this page, stop by our showroom, or give us a call at (866) 609-5033 and ask to speak to a replacement window specialist.

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