A Guide to Choosing a Replacement Window Installer

Before you can replace the windows in your home, it’s important to choose the right replacement window installer. The right installer can make or break your replacement window project, and, as importantly, the wrong installer can ruin the project and even void your window warranty. Good installers have transparent billing practices, good customer service, skills to get the work done correctly, and an efficient scheduling process.

Remember, when you work with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, window installation is included in the cost of the purchase. Your installers have been vetted and trained by the company and know the intricacies of installing Renewal by Andersen windows and doors. Best of all, your window or patio door warranty covers installation and the window product itself. This makes the window purchase and installation simpler and streamlined, particularly in the unlikely event you should have an issue down the road. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right installer for your replacement window project.

Meet Several Window Installers

If you choose a window dealer other than Renewal by Andersen, always meet with multiple installers when trying to choose the right professional for your window replacement project. Meeting with multiple companies gives you a chance to compare the options and pick the right installer for your needs. When meeting with professionals, ask them lots of questions and compare the following:

  • Communication skills. Does the installer have good listening skills? Do they ask smart questions? Do they communicate ideas well?
  • Professionalism. Did the installer show up on time to discuss your window replacement? Do they respond to your inquiries promptly when you leave messages?
  • Comfort level. You should feel comfortable that the installer you plan to hire has integrity. This is a big investment, you need to choose an installer that you trust.

Read the Window Installation Contract Thoroughly

Your window replacement installer should provide you with a contract that establishes expectations. Read it thoroughly and don’t sign until you understand the terms of the contract. Ask questions about any parts of the contract that you find confusing or don’t understand.

Know the Warning Signs of a Bad Window Installer

Never sign a contract with a window installer that pressures you to make a decision on the spot, or with an installer that charges well below the other installers. If they’re undercutting the competition, ask yourself how they might be cutting corners.

Check the Window Installer’s References

Check references for any installer before hiring them. Ask questions of their former customers such as:

  • When was the work done?
  • Would you hire this installer again?
  • Did your installer encounter any problems when performing the work? If so, how did they handle the problems?
  • Were you overall happy with the work performed? If not, why not?

It’s best to check at least three references before hiring the window installer of your choice. If the installer doesn’t have any references to provide, this too is a red flag! Know when to walk away.

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