Advantages of Replacing Your Windows in the Summer

While spring remains the most preferred season for remodeling, several home improvement projects are also good for summer. The weather during this time of the year is generally conducive for construction work. But here are some reasons why summer is a particularly good season for window replacement in Oak Ridge, TN:

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Faster Completion of Project

Overall, summer boast good weather conditions, which can help ensure the timely completion of your project. With no frigid temperatures or snowy conditions to consider, your contractor can work without interruptions caused by inclement weather. They can also do their tasks faster since it’s easier to move around without having to worry about wet or snow-covered surfaces. Furthermore, some types of exterior caulking don’t properly adhere in cold weather, preventing your windows from getting the best seal.

Lower Utility Bills

It’s no surprise to see energy bills increase in the summer due to higher demand for cooling. If you choose to replace your windows in the summer, you can benefit from the improved energy efficiency that typically comes with new windows. In fact, it’s common for homeowners to replace their existing windows for energy efficiency. So if this is one of your goals for window replacement, you should definitely have it done in the summer. When shopping for new windows, make sure to get those that are ENERGY STAR®-certified. Whether you’re installing sliding windows or casement windows, it’s important that they have the right features to help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Improved Indoor Comfort All Year Round

While summer is a great time to do fun outdoor activities, you may also want to spend some of your time relaxing in the comforts of your home. This can be a little difficult to achieve if your windows have become difficult to open or close or if they can no longer seal in the cool conditioned air. Instead of having a peaceful time at home, you might find yourself stressing over a window that has been stuck open. 

Moreover, problems like this do not only affect you during the summer months. They can also plague you throughout the year. If your windows are no longer opening properly, you might not be able to enjoy the soft breezes in the autumn. Simply airing out your home and letting in fresh air could be impossible to do. Remember that your windows are crucial to good ventilation and indoor air quality. If your windows are already in poor condition to contribute to these things, you should definitely replace them.

Better Soundproofing Against Summer Noise

Everyone in your neighborhood is probably taking advantage of the favorable weather in the summer. Kids playing outdoors, families holding BBQ parties, neighbors busy with yard maintenance and remodeling — these things tend to make a lot of noise. Construction sounds are especially loud, and they can keep you from having a quiet breakfast or a much-needed downtime in the afternoon.

To keep unwanted noise from reaching your home, you should invest in custom windows with noise reduction capabilities. Unlike your old, leaky windows, noise-reducing windows can damper sounds from the outside.

Enhanced Impact Protection

Summer is usually the time of year when the risk of broken or cracked windows increases. However, the number one culprit behind this hazard are not the neighborhood kids playing. Believe it or not, high winds are more likely to break your windows than errant balls. Strong winds can easily break tree branches and turn them into projectiles that could hit your window.

Older windows are usually more prone to cracking and breaking on impact. So if your existing windows don’t have good impact resistance, you might want to consider replacing them in the summer. This way, you won’t have to worry about your window glass being shattered during a severe storm.

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