The Advantages of Replacing Your Windows

Are you looking to reduce your energy consumption? Do you feel that your home needs to improve its exterior appeal? If so, then you may want to work on home improvement projects that can help you achieve these goals. Fortunately, you can count on Renewal by Andersen® of Cincinnati to help meet your needs, such as replacing your windows.


Here are some reasons you should replace your old windows:

Energy Efficiency

We provide windows that can help increase your home’s comfort levels. They come with insulated frames and glass that can help reduce heat transfer in your home. Our years of experience also help ensure that our window installation in Cincinnati is weather and airtight.

In addition, we apply insulated foam in the small gaps between your new window and your home’s window frame to prevent drafts from entering and causing discomfort in your home. These features will help keep you from relying too much on your HVAC units, leading to more energy savings.

Improve Your Home’s Safety

You can count on our windows to enhance your home’s security. They come with high-quality locks that will grant you peace of mind knowing that your household is safe. At the same time, these features also help keep moisture from entering your home and ruining your investments.

Lessen Maintenance

Our windows do not need much care. They feature a unique frame composite called Fibrex® that is as strong as wood. It is also warranted not to rot, warp, and peel, making it a good low-maintenance option. They also come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass that can reduce water spots when exposed to sunlight. This will keep you from spending too much on maintenance costs, leading to more savings.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

We offer a wide selection of window styles such as bay and bow, specialty, and casement windows in West Chester, Ohio that will add value to your home. You can choose from a wide range of interior and exterior colors, finishes, and hardware to match your home’s style.

If one or all of these are some of the things you want addressed in your home, then you can count on Renewal by Andersen® of Cincinnati to help. Feel free to give us a call today at (513) 283-8996 or fill out our contact form.

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