Avoid These Bad Window Maintenance Habits

Most windows should last about 20 years before they need to be replaced. However, depending on the local climate and how they’re maintained, some would need to be replaced sooner than expected. 

Window Maintenance

To maximize your windows’ effective lifespan, here are some bad maintenance habits you should avoid doing:

Not Washing Your Home Exteriors Carefully

Whenever you clean your home’s exterior with a power washer, you should be careful when washing near your windows. The pressure from the power washer can easily deteriorate the window seals and can lead to fogginess and moisture buildup between the glass panes. The same goes if you have a brick exterior and use a muriatic acid solution when cleaning. If you’re not careful in cleaning around your windows, you won’t just end up with foggy windows; you’ll also void the warranty and affect your home’s energy efficiency!

Not Cleaning the Sliding Window Tracks 

Do you have sliding windows that are sometimes hard to open and close? This may be due to the dirt and debris stuck in the tracks, which is where the window sash meets the frame. If these aren’t cleaned regularly, your windows’ operability is jeopardized, which may lead to pitting and corrosion. Don’t forget the tracks when cleaning your sliding windows. Also, consider applying a dry silicone spray to get the parts moving smoothly without damaging them.

Constantly Leaving the Coverings Down

Window covers include blinds, drapes and shades, and if you often leave them covering your windows completely, it can trap the moisture near them and prevent proper airflow. When this happens, it will eventually lead to mildew and mold growth as well as rotting damage on the window frame, and you’ll end up paying for a full replacement. Fortunately, this can be avoided by raising the covering so that the lowest part is just a few inches above the bottom of the window sill.

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