Back to School: All About Window Condensation

All About Window Condensation

School’s in again, so in the spirit of learning, why not learn something new about your windows today? Window condensation is probably something you’ve heard about only once or twice, but it’s an important thing to understand if you want to properly take care of your windows.

All About Window Condensation

What is Window Condensation?

Water or frost that develops on the windows’ glass surface is condensation. This occurs when warm and moist air comes in contact with cooler dry air. This often happens during summer, when warm air comes in contact with a relatively cool glass surface. While occasional and slight condensation on windows is generally harmless, if not a bit whimsical, it’s something that should not happen all the time. You have a problem if it does!

Condensation And Glass

When condensation happens on your windows, the glass is actually the one at fault and not your window frames. The glass, after all, has the lowest surface temperature in the entirety of the window structure. The simplest way to reduce condensation is to open the window and let air out. If you want to keep the air in, we recommend installing our specialty windows with glass packages designed to reduce window condensation.

Condensation Between Glass

Window condensation is a concern if it starts appearing between the glass panes, as it’s a sign that the airtight seal is broken. We recommend replacing the glass when this happens as the moisture will eventually spread throughout the glass panes and may even crack them eventually.

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