Bathroom Windows: Key Things to Consider

Windows are an essential component of your bathroom. They help eliminate moisture, prevent mold growth and light up your space. However, choosing windows for this part of your home comes with challenges. You must select windows that will ventilate and illuminate the room without reducing its privacy.  

Bathroom Windows: Key Things to Consider

Choose the best windows for your bathroom by considering these factors. 


Natural light can make a room appear larger than it actually is. While larger windows allow more sunlight, they can affect the privacy of your bathroom. You will want to have several windows in the room to ensure sufficient lighting and ventilation. 


You could have larger and multiple windows in your bathroom without being seen from the outside with certain types of glass. Instead of transparent window glass, consider stained, seeded, frosted or textured glass. Besides maintaining your privacy, they can add more appeal to your space. Another option is to attach privacy film to your windows to make the glass opaque. 


The location of your windows will play a significant role in the privacy of your bathroom. Narrow windows installed higher on the wall are ideal for rooms where privacy is an issue. Your options will also depend on your bathroom’s layout and location. If the room is facing a captivating outdoor view, consider installing windows above the sink or tub. 


Adding at least one operable window is vital to preventing moisture-related issues in your bathroom. Ventilation will help remove excess moisture and reduce the likelihood of mold, mildew, poor odor and rot. Aside from casement and double-hung windows, awnings will make a great addition to your bathroom. Even when opened, they won’t affect your privacy. 

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