Best Windows for Ventilation in the Midwest

Temperatures in the Midwest can reach around 85 degrees during hot and humid seasons. In upper midwestern states like Iowa and Minnesota, there are times of the year when the heat is barely tolerable, and a much-needed breath of wind into your room is welcome. In this case, wider and well-ventilated windows need to be added to your home improvement checklist. What windows are the best for the climate in the Midwest? 

Windows for Ventilation


Consider Existing Factors


Knowing the local climate in your area is very important when deciding to change windows. Consider the geographical area your home is located. Are you in the suburbs? Near a busy highway? In an area near a body of water? Knowing these seems irrelevant, but imagine getting the wider windows you want, but it’s placed in front of the street, facing a constantly busy highway filled with cars. Instead of ventilation, you just got more dust, smoke and noise into your room. But if you planned properly, you’ll have your window placed towards the lake or the local park, where good gusts of wind can come from and blow into your room.


Casement Windows


One of the most standard and reliable choices for a modern window, casement windows are well-rounded in terms of aesthetics, function and versatility. They are usually attached to hinges that swing outward at an angle. In terms of function, they’re very simple and extremely reliable, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. The sashes of the window push into the frame itself, making a very snug fit that air cannot pass through (when properly installed and cared for).

Bay/Bow Windows


Bay and bow windows are some of the classiest types of modern windows available on the market. These types of windows consist of three side-by-side windows that protrude against the house’s wall. They have a wide, central window and rests between two side windows. Bay windows are angular and distinct while bow windows are curved. These windows not only provide an excellent aesthetic design, but they also provide great illumination to the room and most importantly great ventilation. Because of how they are designed, wind flows into the room from multiple angles, giving you the much-needed breath of fresh air.


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