Casement Windows: the ‘Other’ Favorite Long Island Replacement Window

Replacement Casement Windows Long IslandWhat’s the most popular replacement widow style on Long Island?

If you guessed Double-Hung, you would be correct. What’s the second most popular? Don’t know? Read on….

This week we’d like to talk to you about the “other” most popular window style in the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window portfolio – casement windows. Whether you have a historic row house or a more modern home on the Island, casement windows offer versatility and dependable performance – even if some people mistakenly believe the old-fashioned style can’t be as efficient as double-hung windows.

Unlike our popular double-hung replacement windows that have sashes that move vertically, casement windows operate similar to a door – they swing open and close tightly against the weather-stripping to form a superior seal. It might surprise you to learn that casement windows deliver one the best seals against moisture and air infiltration available in any operable window style.

  1. Casement Windows and Energy Efficiency

Although fixed windows offer the most energy-efficient window design – because they don’t open and close, casement windows are nearly as efficient.

Our double-hung windows and sliders provide homeowners with exceptional protection against the elements, but they are slightly less efficient overall than casement window styles. Anytime a window needs extra “give” to slide up and down or side to side, there is a tiny amount of air transfer.Friction doesn’t impact the weather-stripping significantly in casement windows because they’re manufactured with a “compressible” material that seals out dust, moisture, wind and airborne allergens.

Less air transfer means higher energy efficiency, which means lower energy costs and better climate control indoors. When you choose our highest rated energy efficiency glass options, you’ll save even more on your monthly power bill.

  1. Casement Windows: Old World Charm and Style

The old world charm and style of casement windows has European influences. Often, you’ll see homes with casement windows that swing indoors and operable exterior shutters. This European style is seen in some neighborhoods on the Island – although homeowners today in the US may opt for stationary shutters that mimic the style, but don’t require extensive maintenance and upkeep.

We offer many factory-finishes and frame colors that work well with any decorating styles and exterior architecture. Interior factory finishes include natural oak, pine and maple. If you want to customize your interior or exterior colors, talk to your Renewal by Andersen replacement window consultant about our patented Fibrex frames and paintable/stainable interior grilles that give you the option to update your color schemes and create an aesthetic that delivers an old world charm on your terms.

  1. Casement Windows: Harnessing the Wind

Blocking air and moisture isn’t the only way to manage your electric bill. Turning your air condition or heater off during early fall and late spring gives you an opportunity to open the windows and circulate fresh air throughout your home. If you pay attention to the normal wind patterns in our area, strategically installing casement windows where they can harness the wind for indoor climate control, the cool evening breezes and milder weather will keep your home comfortable – while curbing energy costs.

A single-handle makes casement windows simple to open and close (and lock) when you want to turn the heater on – no sticking, no hanging, no hassles.

Customizing Casement Windows

Casement windows have a long history, but that doesn’t mean this window style has to look outdated. Renewal by Andersen offers customers the same options for casement windows as we do for our other replacement window styles, so you can create the look and style you prefer.

  • Four highly efficient glass options.
  • Dozens of color combinations.
  • Three grille types available in two widths that include: between-the-glass, removable interiors and full-divided-light, which closely replicates real divided light windows, without the energy inefficiency.
  • Four grille patterns – Colonial, Prairie, Modified Prairie and Farmhouse.
  • Eleven hardware finishes from distressed nickel to simple white.
  • Two screen options: Standard screens (included with all operable windows) and TruScene® High Transparency Insect Screens which are almost invisible and offer homeowners 50% more clarity than the standard screen.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island: Let us Help You Find Out if Casement Windows are Right for Your Home

If you want more information about casement windows or any of our full line of replacement window styles, please give us a call and ask to speak to a professional Renewal by Andersen replacement window consultant. Call toll-free: (866) 609-5033 or fill in the short form on this page and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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