Casement Windows: Which Way Should They Open?

Casement windows work with most home styles, making them a popular option in residential structures. They can add appeal to your property while improving your comfort. These windows are ideal for spaces that require ventilation because they crank open as wide as you want.

Casement Windows

When getting new casement windows, you must decide whether they open to the left or right. Use these tips to help you decide.

Your Dominant Hand Matters

Where are you installing your new casement windows? If they are in your laundry room or bathroom, they will be easier to open if the crank is positioned to your dominant hand. If the crank is on the left side of the window, it will crank left. Meanwhile, a window with the crank on the right will crank right. You’ll find it more comfortable to open and close your windows if their crank is on the side of your dominant hand.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Experts recommend placing the hinged side of the window near the edge of the room. Doing so will allow casements to open toward the middle of the space, creating more visual appeal. You must be careful with the placement of windows and doors in your home. Casements will accentuate the beauty of your home as long as they are in the right location.

Think About Ventilation

Since casements can be opened and closed, they can improve your living space’s ventilation. Sufficient airflow is essential to moisture-prone areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Good ventilation can prevent mold growth, remove lingering odors and maintain healthy humidity levels. Installing casement windows in different areas of your home is one way to achieve passive ventilation. Be sure these windows open in opposite directions to maximize airflow.

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