Choosing the Best Windows for Your Home

Windows provide comfort to our home. They allow sunlight to pass through, provide ventilation, and lessen energy consumption. However, if your windows show signs of aging (cracks, rot, or warping), it’s time to consider replacement windows in Knoxville.

It’s important that you choose the best windows to have a higher return on your investment. Traditional windows are often single-paned, which offer less energy efficiency to a home. If you want to add value and comfort to your home, it’s better to install dual-pane windows.

Why Dual-Pane Windows

This type of window consists of two glass panes that are filled with air or gasses that are more effective such as argon. It’s the more environment-friendly and energy-efficient option compared with single-pane windows. Although a little more costly, they can save you money in the end because it can greatly lower your utility bills. By having less energy consumption, you also save the environment by avoiding greenhouse gas emission.

Another benefit of dual-pane windows is their ability to reduce noise pollution. The Sound Transmission Class is used to rate a windows ability to stop noise. The higher the rating is, the greater the window’s ability to block off noise. Double-pane windows have an STC range of 26 to 32. The rating will vary depending on the glass thickness and amount of air space between the two panes.

What Factors to Consider

Here are some factors to consider when choosing windows in Knoxville and the nearby areas.

  1. High-energy efficiency – When you save more money on electric bills, you get a quicker return on investment. It also adds value to your home.
  2. U-factor – This measures the rate of heat flow. The lower the U-factor value, the better your window can insulate a room.
  3. Air leakage – Your window should be airtight to prevent the elements from penetrating your home.
  4. Gas fill – The gas fill between the panes help reduce the U-factor greatly.
  5. Low-E glass coating – This special glass keeps radiant heat out while allowing natural light in so you can stay cooler during the hot weather.
  6. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – This measures the rate of heat flowing through your window, the lower the rating, the better.
  7. Durable frames – Aside from adding curb appeal, you should choose durable materials that require low maintenance.

Where to Get the Best Windows

Dual-pane windows provide comfort and energy efficiency to your home. With a wide selection of styles, you can also pick out which one will complement your home. Furthermore, understanding the different terminologies or factors can help you choose the right window.

Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville is a local contractor who provides superior windows made from the best materials in the industry. Our windows have the exclusive and durable Fibrex® frame and sash material. Our windowpanes are made of High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass that provides greater energy efficiency.

For all your window replacement needs, Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville is here to help. Call us now to schedule a free in-home consultation! You can also fill out our contact form.

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