Choosing the Perfect Window for Your Bedroom

A well-placed window can add beauty and charm to the overall appearance of your exterior and can increase the functionality of a room. In the market, there are many accessories, styles and types to choose from when picking out new replacement windows for your bedroom. Here are some factors to consider:

bedroom windows
  • Sound: A crucial feature of windows to think about when designing your dream bedroom is its ability to control noise. Noise reduction windows can generally block up to 90% to 95% of noise coming from the outside. This is particularly beneficial for bedrooms situated near a road or in a busy area.
  • Building codes: Mull over local building codes, and be sure that you remain compliant. For bedrooms, there are usually entry requirements, indicating the standard size and height of an opening in case a fire or an emergency occurs. Casement or sliding windows are often a good choice for meeting these requirements.
  • Treatments: Another essential element of a well-decorated bedroom are the window treatments. They make it easier to regulate the amount of light coming in, help maintain a steady temperature in the space and add privacy to the bedroom. Curtains and drapes are the most common types of window treatments used in bedrooms. Sheers add a quaint appeal to a bedroom, but do not provide enough privacy or block out sunlight.

Your bedroom windows can be styled to complement your bedding, carpet and other furnishings. A balanced mix of stylish décor and the aforementioned key qualities can make your bedroom the ideal sanctuary for relaxation time and sleep. 

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