Five Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Windows 2023

Window Decorated for Christmas

Christmas celebrations incorporate numerous traditions that reflect individual family values and beliefs. Some go all out with bright and colorful displays, while others carefully select what to present based on symbolic or cultural influences. The beauty lies in how unique every household is in the way they celebrate.

However you choose to adorn your home this year, these Christmas window decoration ideas can make them stand out over the holiday season.

Types of Christmas Decorations for Windows

There are endless individual Christmas decorative items available to adorn your home, but window decorations often include wreaths, garlands and swags:

  • Wreaths: A wreath generally consists of a plastic foam, grapevine or wire frame shaped in a circle and wrapped in evergreen branches, moss, foliage, flowers, pine cones and straw. You can add bells and other ornaments for a Christmas touch.
  • Garlands: A garland is a string covered in flowers, foliage and other Christmas trimmings. It differs from a wreath in shape as it is hung across an area like a door or window and is not round.
  • Swags: A swag resembles a garland since it has the same materials and is hung horizontally across a space. The main difference is the width in the middle, as it is fuller and contains more foliage and flowers, while the ends taper and have less material. It may remain minimal with less trimmings or brim with ornaments, like the others.

Wreaths, Garlands, and Swags Icons

DIY Christmas Window Decorations

You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations. For these specific window decorations, you may be able to bring in foliage and pine cones from your yard. Recycled ornaments from last Christmas are excellent additions, and other household materials can help create inexpensive yet charming pieces. You can also purchase artificial foliage to create window decorations that will last for years.

Creating garlands, swags and wreaths to decorate your windows for Christmas this year will make your family and friends gush over your creativity.

1. Faux Garland Window Frames

A faux garland is artificial but has several benefits. They can last a long time if cared for properly and can be reused each year. Here’s how to create a faux garland for your window frame.

Collect these materials:

  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Foliage and greenery
  • String or yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Hooks

Making a faux garland is easy. Follow these steps:

  1.      Collect all your materials and place them aside for easy access.
  2.      Gather the faux leaves together in small bunches and tie them with floral wire or string, carefully turning the wire around and tucking it out of sight between the leaves.
  3.      Once you have several bunches, attach them to the ribbon. You can tie the foliage to the ribbon with more wire or string or thread the ribbon through each bunch.
  4.      Add small decorations as you see fit.
  5.      Hang the garland from hooks placed in the window corners.

A garland is generally placed above the window frame. To hang garlands down the sides, use a longer ribbon.

2. Window Sill Swags

Maximize your window area by decorating the sills inside and out. A swag highlights the window frame beautifully together with a faux garland. Creating a window sill swag is easy.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Evergreen branches
  • Additional greenery
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon or bow
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Suction cup hooks

Here’s how you can craft your own window sill swags:

  1.      Use large evergreen branches as a base. Wire them together to create a shape that’s thicker in the middle and tapers at the end. It should be about as wide as your window.
  2.      Lay the wired branches out and attach the additional greenery, such as dried flowers, berries and pine cones. You can wire these pieces in or glue them to the base.
  3.      Attach a ribbon or bow in the middle.
  4.      Lay the swag on the window sill and place the suction cup hooks behind it on the window.
  5.      Hook the branches or some wire on the suction cups to keep the swag in place.

Optional decorations that enhance your swag include ribbons, holly, red berries, fairy lights, vine balls and other Christmas trimmings.

3. Window Wreaths

Wreaths are often seen on doors, but they are eye-catching in windows, too. Consider making window wreaths this Christmas by following these instructions:

Start by gathering the necessary materials:

  • Foam base
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Moss
  • Foliage
  • Pine cones
  • Ribbon
  • Bow
  • Decorative trimmings
  • Suction cup hooks or removable hooks

Follow these steps to create a wreath:

  1.      Attach the foliage and pine cones to the foam base by wrapping wire around the foam.
  2.      Add moss and more foliage in any gaps to give a fuller effect.
  3.      Add a bow, ribbons and other Christmas trimmings to complete the look.
  4.      Hang the wreath in the center of the window using suction cups or removable hooks, or hang it from the top of the window frame with a ribbon.

Ready-Made Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

You can also purchase ready-made decorations instead of making them yourself, saving time and effort. They serve the same purpose and add flair if you have created your own decor from scratch. Here are two popular ideas of what you can include to brighten your windows.

4. Felt or Paper Trimmings

Add various felt or paper trimmings on a string and hang them across and around the window. Play around with shapes, colors and sizes as you hang Christmas balls, stars, bells and other ornaments made of felt or paper. The variation of texture and addition of color creates an interesting contrast to any greenery you have.

5. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights create an ambiance of warmth and coziness that accentuates the holiday mood. They are easy to hang, affordable to purchase and can be reused. These lights are available in various shapes, like stars or a classic bulb, and interchangeable colors that draw attention to your window. You can wrap them around your greenery or hang them around the window frame.

Ideas on How to Hang Christmas Decorations on Windows

Get creative with how and where you hang your swags. If you have multiple windows you intend to adorn, consider the following:

  • Casement windows: If you don’t plan on opening your windows, you could tack ribbon on the inside, hook it on the handle and close the window to keep it secure or use suction cups to hold a garland in place.
  • Bay windows: These offer a great space to showcase your beautiful decorations. Hang swags across the tops or bottoms, or drape fairy lights down each side.
  • Bow windows: With so many smaller windows, you have the perfect opportunity to use various decorations for each. Hang swags vertically or horizontally around the frame or each individual window.
  • Double-hung windows: Each movable panel can be decorated differently, whether using suction cups to hang a wreath in the center or hanging a swag from side to side.

Any window can be decorated to your taste and preference. How you hang garlands and swags depends on how they best appeal to the eye. You are free to play around.

Festive Holiday Window Replacements

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