Combining Picture Windows With Other Window Types in Indianapolis Homes

Picture Window And Patio Door
Picture Window And Patio Door

Picture windows give any room a bold look, bringing views of the outside in to complement your interior decor. They also let plenty of natural sunshine into your home, helping to elevate your mood and warm up your space. However, a plain, large window can look a bit mundane, and picture windows don’t open to allow air into the home. For these reasons, many Indianapolis home owners choose to pair their picture windows with other window styles, like double-hung or awning windows. Here’s a closer look at why pairing your picture windows with other window styles is a great idea, along with some tips to get you started.

For Ventilation, Choose Awning Windows

Since picture windows are fixed windows (in other words, they do not open), you may want the windows you pair them with to compromise for that lack of ventilation. In this situation, awning windows are the natural choice. They hinge open at the top, guarding the window opening with the glass. So, you can leave them open even during a rainstormwithout worry that your home will become wet.

For Ease of Cleaning, Choose Double-Hung Windows

If the picture window is located so far off the ground that you’d have to climb up on a ladder to clean it from the outside, consider pairing it with double-hung windows. Some of these windows fold inward, allowing you to clean the outside from the inside — so at least they will be easy to clean. Plus, the double-hung windows open pretty wide, so if you place one on either side of your picture window, you may be able to reach out through the double-hung windows to clean your picture windows rather than trying to clean them from the outside.

Coordinate the Windows With The Rest of Your Home

A single, large picture window can look a bit out of place if all of your other windows are casement, double-hung, or awning windows. Pairing it with the style of windows seen throughout your Indianapolis home will make it blend into your decor more seamlessly.

Aim for Symmetry

When working with your window replacement company to design your combination window, try to create a symmetrical arrangement. For instance, placing a casement window to one side of your picture window will make it look off-balance. Placing one casement window to either side will create a balanced, attractive look.

If you do choose to pair casement windows with your picture window, pay close attention to the way they open. Usually, they look best when they both open away from the central picture window – or in other words, open in opposite directions.

Consider a Top-to-Bottom Approach

Note that placing the paired windows next to your large, fixed picture window is not your only choice! Placing a set of three or four small awning windows over the large picture window is also an attractive choice. Some homeowners even put two short sliding windows over top of a single, large picture window. These top-to-bottom options work well in rooms with tall ceilings where you have a lot of vertical wall space to cover.

When choosing combination windows for your Indianapolis home, your options are endless. Contact Renewal by Andersen or visit our nearby showroom in Carmel to further explore the possibilities, including numerous interior and exterior color choices, various grilles, and hardware options. You can also give us a call at 866-609-5033.

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