Thinking of Creating a Wall of Glass with Replacement Windows on Long Island?

Thinking bringing more natural light into your Long Island home by connecting your outdoor spaces with your interior rooms? Have you considered installing replacement windows and/or patio doors to create a stunning wall of glass?

Every homeowner deserves at least one room that provides a place to relax and re-connect with nature. In addition to brightening up your home, large windows give you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors throughout the seasons without braving the elements during inclement weather. While finding the best window treatments (for privacy) can be an enjoyable challenge, when you get the design right, the results are truly worth the time and effort you spend.

Here are a few suggestions from your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island replacement window consultants for making sure you are thrilled with the finished project.

Natural Light Transforms Your Interior Rooms

Both large and small rooms may have dark corners – places where natural light from a few small windows can’t fully penetrate the space. When designing your “wall of glass” choose colors wisely. A neutral color scheme will diffuse the light (both natural and artificial) throughout the room. You don’t have to paint the walls stark white to accomplish the goal. In fact, interior designers recommend non-white walls and window colors today. If your room is predominantly decorated in a light color, contrasting trim and window frames add a bit of visual texture and contrast that enhances the overall mood and tone in the space. With paintable/stainable maple, pine and oak interior window components, you can bring your vision to life with a perfectly balanced color scheme.

Window Walls Take Advantage of Different Window Styles

When many people think of creating a window wall, they think of a massive piece of glass without any grilles or bulky frames to obscure the view. A large picture window is indeed a perfect choice for capturing a spectacular outdoor view. However, if you don’t have operable windows on an adjacent wall, your space will become stuffy and stale. To add ventilation, you can flank your centerpiece with casement replacement windows. Several smaller operable windows – think, sliders, awnings or hoppers – installed beneath or above a fixed window adds decorative accents and allows for healthy ventilation. And, although you don’t want to block the view, adding a simple grille pattern to the operable windows will incorporate a subtle layer of visual interest into your decorating plan.

Adding an Entrance to the Mix Delivers Convenience & Beauty

If a picture window isn’t right for your room, how about building a wall of glass around a sliding patio door? This is an excellent solution for a room that opens onto a deck overlooking the garden, backyard or pool area. Sliding replacement windows and patio doors team up to create an elegant entrance that makes outdoor entertaining a breeze. If you’re planning to add a patio or deck as part of your renovation project, share these plans with your replacement window specialists before you decide which replacement window and patio door styles are best for your home.

Installing the Right Window Treatments Makes a World of Difference

There isn’t a best-fit window treatment for every window, or even every room, in your home. You have hundreds of options available to choose from. Retractable shades, room darkening drapery, Roman shades, horizontal and vertical blinds, gauzy curtains, and the list goes on and on. If you can imagine it, there are probably similar window coverings available on the web or in your local home decorating store. The trick here is to get a clear mental vision of what you want BEFORE you start your research. But, be prepared to change your mind. You may decide your gorgeous new window wall looks fabulous without any dressing at all.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Help You Design Your Replacement Window Wall of Glass

There are virtually no boundaries when designing your glass window wall with modern, energy-efficient replacement windows. Whether you want to create a stunning entrance from the back deck or you want to transform your bedroom into a relaxing, spa-like hide-a-way, we can help. To get started, simply fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure or call a replacement window specialist at (866) 609-5033 to schedule an in-home consultation.

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