Creative Upcycling Ideas for Your Old Windows

During a home window replacement, the old units are usually disposed of, ending up in landfills, especially if the framing materials are too battered, or the glass is already missing. However, even when they are past their prime, these dilapidated fixtures can be reused again for other purposes.

If you want to improve the look of your home, don’t throw your old windows just yet. Here’s a look at these interesting and creative upcycling ideas.

Miniature Greenhouse

This feature can be constructed by fitting the old frames of multiple windows together to form a box. It doesn’t require tremendous do-it-yourself skills to get this project going, but once you’re done, you’ll be satisfied with the results. You can place it anywhere in your home that receives abundant sunlight, may it be a patio, deck or front porch.


Once you have your replacement casement windows installed, the previous units that have been removed from your home’s openings can be lined up together to make an interesting fence for your outdoor perimeter. You can even incorporate a door or two into the mix, giving your fence that vintage, rustic feel. If they’re made of wood, be sure they are properly sealed to stop the rot from spreading.

Makeshift Pergola

You can install a pergola for your garden, made of frames from your old windows that have been stacked together. It will be filled later on with vines and other plants, giving your ordinary-looking patch of land a boost in terms of appearance. Beautify the would-be pergola beforehand by utilizing different window frame sizes and painting them with matching colors.

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