Do More Panes Improve Energy Efficiency? – Dayton

Improving energy efficiency is one of the top reasons that Dayton homeowners purchase replacement windows. If you are considering new windows, you’ve likely come across many options, like double paned windows, and wondered if they offer the savings and environmental friendliness that you are after.

The Benefits of Multiple Panes

Windows play a big part in the overall energy efficiency of any Dayton home. Older windows are usually the single paned variety. Today’s double paned windows are hailed for their ability to reduce energy usage significantly, both in the winter and the summer. This is because the air barrier between the two panes of glass prevents the loss of climate controlled air from your heating or air conditioning unit. The air between the panes also acts as an insulator of sound, keeping your home peaceful and quiet. When your home emits less energy, you’re also minimizing your impact on the environment, so choosing the right windows can both save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

When combined with additional window technologies, double paned windows can provide an even greater level of energy efficiency for your Dayton home. For example, windows that utilize SmartSun™ glass provide the added benefit of blocking a majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which provides additional protection and boosts energy efficiency.

Choosing the Right Double Paned Windows

Not all windows are created the same. Poorly made windows simply won’t provide the same level of energy efficiency for your Dayton home as quality panes. Equally important is the experience and care with which your window panes are installed. Improperly installed windows can decrease or negate the positive impact that double paned windows offer. It’s vital to rely on an experienced installer if you want your replacement windows to provide maximum savings and efficiency.

Renewal by Andersen Dayton offers a wide selection of specialty and performance glass options. We’ll partner with you to help you find the perfect windows for your Dayton home. If you are ready to learn more about how double paned windows can lower your energy bills, improve the look of your home and increase its vaue, contact our experienced team. We’ll come to your home for a free on-site consultation and work with you to find replacement windows that meet your budget and lifestyle needs.

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