Do Replacement Windows Lower Heating & Air Conditioning Bills?

If you’re thinking of buying replacement windows for your Long Island home, you may have lots of questions. What styles are the best fit for your home? Which replacement windows have the highest energy efficiency ratings? Can you afford a full-house of replacement windows? Perhaps your highest priority – and the most pressing question – is finding out whether installing replacement windows always lowers heating and air conditioning bills.

Here’s the straight answers from your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island team about replacement windows and monthly savings on heating and air conditioning bills.

How Much Will You Save on Heating or Air Conditioning Bills Each Month?

The truth is that how much money people typically save on monthly heating and air conditioning costs by installing energy efficient replacement windows and patio doors depends on many factors, including the condition of your existing windows, your lifestyle and how warm – or cool – you prefer to keep your indoor spaces throughout the seasons.

Naturally, if you want icicles hanging off the ceiling in mid-August, your summer air conditioning bills are likely to be higher than average.

Even if your indoor temperature preferences are less extreme, there are at least five things that may directly or indirectly cause higher monthly utility bills.

5 Things that Lead to Higher Heating & Air Conditioning Costs

Along with lifestyle and temperature preferences, these factors control how much Long Island homeowners may save each month after installing custom-built replacement windows in their home.

#1. Local Climate

The average daily August temperature in Nassau and Suffolk counties ranges from 65 (low) to 83 (high). Enhancing home energy efficiency with high-performance replacement windows, and setting your thermostat to around 72-74 degrees should help you gain better control of your budget. (i.e. save more of your hard-earned money).

#2. Square Footage & Number of Windows

People who study these things, like the US Deportment of Energy, report that home windows are responsible for up to 30% of heating and cooling energy consumption. That means the more windows there are in the building envelope, the more potential there is for heat gain and heat loss that drive up monthly bills.

#3. Existing Insulation in Walls, Attics & Flooring

Inefficient insulation, and damage to exterior walls makes it harder, and more expensive, to maintain a consistent, comfortable interior temperature.

#4. Replacement Window Construction Materials & Design

Window frame materials play a significant role in the overall energy efficiency performance of each window unit. Glass choices and factory applied glass coatings that control the amount of light and solar heat absorbed or reflected by the window will also affect performance, and your savings potential.

#5. Exterior Landscaping & Nearby Structures

Anything near your home that allows or blocks direct sunlight from hitting the window glass will also affect monthly heating and air conditioning bills. Trees, shrubs, privacy fencing and even tall buildings on adjoining lots can all effect the heat gain or loss through your windows.

Calculating Possible Energy Savings

People who replace aging, dilapidated single-pane windows typically stand to save more money on their monthly heating and air conditioning bills than someone who chooses to replace their home windows for purely aesthetic reasons.

The best results – maximum savings – are seen when homeowners:

  • Repair building envelope damage or deficiencies
  • Add additional insulation throughout the home
  • Choose replacement windows with superior energy-efficiency ratings
  • Conduct a comprehensive energy-efficiency audit indoors and take appropriate action to boost efficiency
  • Hire a skilled installation crew that guarantees a proper installation according to manufacturer’s specifications

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island May Help Lower Your Energy Bills

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island specializes in helping homeowners lower monthly heating and air conditioning bills. To learn more just fill in the short form on this page or dial (866) 609-5033 to reach a replacement window specialist today.



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