Do Strong Winds Cause Window Seal Deterioration?

Condensation on your doors and fog on your windows can be a sign that your window seal is failing. There are several reasons why your window seal may be deteriorating, but if your area experiences strong winds, it can be one of the main reasons. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island discusses how strong winds can affect your window seal.

Window Seal Deterioration

What Happens If Your Window Seals Break?

These seals are meant to keep air and water from getting in through the windows. When your window seal is compromised, your insulation also breaks. Air leaks can lead to high utility bills because the more heat that gets into a room, the more work the air conditioner has to do to keep it cool. There would be no point in having multiple glass panels if the seals around them break. This could lead to condensation and fogging in your window.

Strong Winds Can Play a Role in Window Seal Deterioration

If your window seal is already very old or damaged, wind can be the last thing that causes it to break down. Wind-blown debris is a particularly damaging thing. Debris can cause damage to your home anywhere, including your patio doors. It’s important to check your window seals to make sure debris hasn’t broken the seal. In a rainstorm, wind can also be a factor, as moisture can get in between window panes if the seals are already broken, which can lead to mold. Overall, wind damage isn’t likely to be the only cause of seal failure, but it can be a factor that makes the damage even worse.

When it comes to window seals, they can last a long time, but they aren’t permanent. Seal failure will happen at some point, no matter where you live. Solar or thermal pumping is the most common reason why this is the case. It will happen when windows are exposed to direct sunlight. The inert gas between the two panes of glass will expand. Because of this, the pressures in the window unit change every day.

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