Do Window Frame Colors & Finishes Impact Your Overall Design?

Deciding whether to purchase replacement windows and patio doors with factory finished color or wood grain interior elements you can stain or paint, is a key part of the design phase of your new windows. Some Long Island homeowners already have a vision of what they want their new windows to look like when they come to us; others need a little more guidance. This Renewal by Andersen of Long Island article explains the roles window color and texture can play in your overall decorating scheme.

The Emotional Connection & Visual Texture

Scientists have long known that visual texture is important for humans, and in fact, all living things. An object’s appearance sends clues that keep us safe and healthy – these subtle signals keep us from picking up a jagged shard of glass or biting into a moldy piece of fruit.

In the decorating world, visual texture contributes to what is pleasing (attractive) and what reflects dissonance (imbalance). Visual expressions are created by altering a surface, or using light and dark color combinations to make a surface look smooth, bumpy, solid or porous.

Most interior designers recommend choosing your wall color first, before deciding which replacement window frame/trim color to use. Why? Because there’s less surface area to a window frame than to an entire wall.

Impact of Replacement Window Color Choices on Interior Decor

Color is a powerful decorating tool. Darker replacement window elements against white (or even lighter) walls become a focal point for your overall design scheme. There are many rich, dark colors available today throughout the spectrum, including, navy, forest green, gray and brown.

There is a popular trend to paint interior doors almost black, with grayish undertones to diffuse the boldness of pure black. This creates a calmer mood, while still drawing the eye.

Even the shade within each color helps you define your surroundings. The right white brightens your space, while you can also choose another shade that adds coziness and warmth. There is even a white color option that complements both cool and warm color foundations. We found some terrific paint recommendations wandering around the ELLE Decor website.

renewal by andersen interior window frame colorsIf you don’t want to paint-your-own, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island offer six interior factory finishes for your replacement windows and patio doors:

  • White
  • Canvas
  • Terratone
  • Sandtone
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black

as well as three wood finishes:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Maple

After years of research, we’ve found that these colors make it easy for most Long Island residents to maintain, or create, architectural authenticity in their homes.

Color Choices Extend to Hardware & Accessories

Remember hardware, latch and hinge colors and finishes are just as important for creating the perfect visual impression as window frame and trim colors.

Replacement window style influences the size, shape and placement of latches and levers. For example, casement windows have large operating levers typically mounted on the side and lower side of the sash and double hung windows come with barely visible locks mounted on the top edge of the lower sash.

Accessory colors and finishes you choose also influence whether your windows fade into the surroundings or make an immediate impression.

Basic Color Guidelines

  • Cool colors: Greens, blues and some purple hues, bring a calming effect to any space.
  • Warm colors: Oranges, yellows, browns and reds, add energy and vibrancy, elevating the overall tone.
  • Bright colors: Make objects appear larger, this is why white walls make your rooms look bigger.
  • Dark colors give objects a more permanent appearance and tend to make rooms feel smaller.

Explore Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Color Options Today

Color plays a vital role in your interior design scheme. For more information about designing perfect replacement windows for your home, fill in the short form on this page, or dial (866) 609-5033.

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